8 Apps Like Samsung SideSync

Connect your PC and mobile device and share the mobile screen with Samsung SideSync, which allows you to share and transfer data smartly and conveniently. You can receive alarms and notifications and use multiple features of your smartphone on your Windows or Mac computer. Install the SideSync app on your phone and PC, and connect them using a USB cable or Wi-Fi. After joining, you can exchange messages, receive calls, share files with drag and drop, insert photos from mobile to word documents, and more.

With this application, you can make a backup copy of your data that helps you in scenarios if you list your mobile and data. Manage and control all your device’s features from keyboard and mouse. And try using your mobile from laptop and mobile simultaneously.


  • Smart & Convenient
  • Screen Sharing
  • Receive Notifications
  • Share/Transfer Files
  • Make Phone Calls
  • Send Text Messages

Samsung SideSync Alternatives


1. MoboPlay

Want to manage your android or iOS devices from the computer? MoboPlay is one of the best apps that allows you to manage and control all your mobile device work from your computer. You can browse, discover, and download every type of application, music, movie, and game from your Windows device on your mobile. It also enables you to get a one-click backup & restore your call logs, images, app data, contacts, videos, and music files. With this application, you…

2. Android Transfer for PC

Android Transfer for PC is a file transfer platform you can use to manage your android phone from your Personal Computer without any complex software. With this application, you can transfer and manage any type of file in just one click. Android Transfer for PC allows you to make backup copies, restore data, and share your computer's images, videos, documents, and other multimedia files. Select the USB debugging option from your mobile device, plug your USB cable into the computer,…

3. Android Sync for Windows

A similar platform like MoboPlay & Android Transfer for PC is Android Sync for Windows, which enables you to cast your smartphone or tablet data into your Windows device and manage all things directly from your computer. With Android Sync for Windows, you can transfer images, photos, videos, contacts, documents, and files of any extension from your computer in just a few clicks. This application has different tabs to perform each task easily, and you can save your device's storage…

4. Android WiFi File Transfer

Transfer, move, upload, or download your files without any cable or USB connection through WiFi File Transfer over a wireless connection. You can upload or download multiple files simultaneously, upload folder structures, delete, copy, move, rename, and zip/unzip files directly from the built-in file manager. You can do your other tasks and run Android WiFi File Transfer in the background. Furthermore, you can view photos in your web browser and shortcuts to photos, videos, and music directories. Like other file-sharing…

5. Liwi

Liwi is a cross-platform file transfer application that allows you to transfer files across devices by connecting your mobile device to a computer without using the internet, cable, and USB. Liwi has an Auto-Connect capability that automatically pairs up your phone and PC and exchanges data and files between them. With Liwi Direct, create or join a group, and share files in the classroom or while traveling within 100 meters of your area. And you can browse any kind of…

6. Wondershare MobileGo

Wondershare MobileGo is a similar application to MoboPlay that allows you to synchronize your Windows computer to your mobile device and make a backup of your contacts, call logs, apps, multimedia files, ringtone, messages, and settings. With Wondershare MobileGo, you can transfer multimedia files like images, photos, and videos and download multiple apps from your personal computer. Furthermore, you can manage, import, export, transfer, and download any files like photos, videos, PDFs, and other content. Send messages, watch movies, listen…

7. Mobogenie

Want to control your android device from your computer? The Mobogenie is one of the useful Windows applications to do all your mobile device tasks directly from your computer without any cable. You can perform a range of functions from your computer that you can't do with your smartphone, for example, full restore. You can access Google Play, install/uninstall apps, play games, send text messages, make calls, select your ringtone and backgrounds, and many more. This app allows you to…

8. AirDroid

AirDroid is an easy-to-use tool that allows users to connect to and manage their Android phone or tablet from their PC through a remote connection. This easy project allows you to manage your Android apps from your computer. Clients can control certain aspects of their Android phone or tablet from afar. He can, for example, transfer documents and files from a PC to an Android device or from an Android device to a PC. He may also use the PC's…