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Ruler is a simple, easy-to-use, and accurate ruler app that is ad-free and authentic. Select units such as fractional inches, decimal inches, centimeters, or millimeters for measurement. Manually set the Ruler to a specific length for inch-perfect measures. Balance your ruler with the help of credit and if you have no credit card, then you can balance your card with the help of a coin.

Save your latest history of measurements and use it anytime. The night mode feature (on AMOLED Screen) helps you save your smartphone’s battery and comfort your eyes at night. Users can save measurements for future use. The ruler app does not access your smartphone’s data.

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  • Night mode
  • Save measurements
  • Calibration guide
  • History of measurements

Alternatives to Ruler


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Laser level is a measurement app containing three main modes: regular spirit level, clinometer, and innovative laser leveling. Innovative laser leveling uses built-in sensors (gyroscope and accelerometer) and a camera that helps you determine the vertical and horizontal levels. Regular spirit level works as a bubble leveling tool, place your smartphone on the surface to measure its angles. A clinometer is used to measure the vertical angles of any object determined by the gravitational force. Read your data in different…

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Ruler app enables users the achievement of maximum precision and accuracy of measurement. Choose between inches or centimeters and measure everything with a beautiful on-screen ruler. In case of inaccurate measurements, you can easily calibrate the app. This app is user-friendly and can be used very easily. It allows you to do your measurements in four modes: point, line, plane, and level. Ruler App performs a multi-touch caliper tool functionality to measure the distance between two opposite sides of an…

3: CamToPlan

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CamToPlan helps you measure all kinds of surfaces to draw your plans in seconds. It let users export their data to PNG or DXF files and manage them in separate folders. You can measure your walls, baseboards, furniture dimensions, and other measurable objects by using your device’s camera. During the measurement, there is no need to remove furniture from the room as this app can automatically calculate the accurate measurement. CamToPlan comes with a sharing option through which you can…

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ImageMeter app lets you measure the image and balance it with a reference object of known size. It features length measurements. angles, fields, and text notes. You can import your plans and drawings from PDF files. Change the brightness, color saturation, and contrast of your photos to improve the readability of measurements. ImageMeter has two paid-subscription versions one is the PRO version and the other is the Business version. Measure lengths, corners, circles, and areas of arbitrary shape based on…

Bosch MeasureOn is a measuring tool for easy on-site documentation of floor plans, measurements, notes, and photos. Users can add floor plans as individual rooms, photos, and add notes. it enables users to connect to a Bluetooth laser range finder device and add all the measurements accurately. Enter all the measurements manually to avoid any mistakes that can cost you time. Share your measurement data and sketches in a large number of file formats. You can export your work as…

Photo Measures is the best app to save measurements on your photos on your mobile phone. Take a photo of the desired object and directly sketch measurements on it. For exact measurements, you can tap on the photo to zoom in or out. Users can edit their measurements as well as add comments for better understanding. Save your measurements in imperial and metric units. Users can easily organize their photos in the category. Export your projects as a PDF or…

My Measures is a powerful app to store and share measurements of different objects. All you need to do is take a picture of an object and add dimensions. You can add arrows, angles, and comments to the photo to easily understand it later. Organize your projects in a separate folder and search for them with an advanced search bar. My Measures app supports imperial, metric, Chinese, and Japanese units. It supports fractions. Save your files on various cloud servers…

AR Ruler App uses improved reality technology that turns your smartphone into a measurement tape. With the help of your smartphone’s camera, you can measure sizes in inches, centimeters, meters, millimeters, feet, and yards. It can calculate the total distance from point A to point B. You can easily measure the perimeter and area of your room as well as the size of 3D objects. AR Ruler App can calculate the total length of a path just by using a…

3D Measurement App/ Plumb-bob is a laser level, measuring tape, and angle reporter, all in the same application. Users can check vertical and horizontal alignments, and measure distance and angles. You can use it for free with ads that’s why a paid version is available that comes with extra features and does not contain ads. A higher sensor refresh rate enables you for better animation and you can set the rate with the preferred menu. Measure the volume of a…


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