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Reddit is one of the most popular platforms for you to visit when finding and sharing exciting bits and content. It is also known as a social news aggregation, web content rating, and all kinds of discussions. It is similar to sites like but offers lots of new services and features that make it better than others. Registered members submit content to the site with images, links, and even videos.

Like other similar sites, Reddit also allows you to organize your posts by subject into user-created boards known as “Subreddits” that cover a range of topics. It has millions of users around the world who can share billions of stuff daily.


  • Inline Image Viewer
  • RES Dashboard
  • Single Click Opener
  • Hide Child Comments
  • Daily Update
  • Live Comment Preview
  • Save Comments
  • Advanced Publications

Alternatives to Reddit 

1. Beforeitsnews

Before It's News is a forum where people from all over the world share their thoughts on what's happening. Whether you found its Front Page by accident or read a reader-submitted story, you've probably seen one of its stories before. It's a news service, a website where any news can be kept and shared with everyone worldwide. Before It's News doesn't need you to have a website, blog, or anything else. All you need is a free account. All of…

2. Santabanta

SantaBanta is an online site, which deals with content that is related to entertainment especially wallpapers. This platform consists of multiple exciting services that can attract a user towards it. Santabanta even has a simple layout, which allows anyone to find every option on the top section from where he can quickly navigate from one to the other option. It can also contain various sections that are been interested in the user, as well as the main tabs, which have the…

3. Uberhumor

UberHumor is a site that is based on the funniest as well as amazing content related to pictures and videos. The platform consists of multiple stuff that customers might become interested in along with getting an addiction to it if they start accessing this creative service provider often. It mainly focuses on photos, which have been arranged in the related section and contains photography, funny photos, quotes, real-life events, and much more. Videos section on Uberhumor didn’t get much attention…

4. eBaumsWorld

eBaumsWorld Alternatives

eBaumsWorld contains a world of humor for people who love hot memes, hilarious content, and daily fun. A bunch of funny pics, somewhat crazy pictures, slightly-dank memes, hilarious stuff uploaded by millions of people from all over the world is available for you to have fun. Based in Rochester, NY, this popular website offers entertainment content regarding memes, games, flash comics, adult memes, and more for free. Being highly controversial for many reasons, such as thief content, violations of content…

5. Funny or Die

Funny or Die is basically a premium independent studio in LA creating amusing, outstanding, awesome, and hilarious comedy with the biggest stars along with exciting voices. Funny or Die lets you have the right amount of fun and dose of real happiness whenever you needed it the most. Getting podcasts, movies, films and TV shows that are unique and amazing is a sleek thing to get. Getting fun, exciting, nail-biting, and original stories that make people laugh and you can’t…

6. Design Swan

Design Swan Alternatives

Design Swan is a web blog devoted to providing, uncovering, sharing, and producing the latest and greatest design, graphics, inspiration, technology, and more from all over the globe. This site also contains a bunch of affiliate links as so you don’t have to worry. From imaginative photo manipulation, inspiring artwork, bizarre designs around the world, creative product designs, name card designs, and innovative life gadgets to modern architecture design, Design Swan have everything for you. Categories including art & design,…

7. Amusing Planet

Amusing Planet Alternatives

Amusing Planet is a compendium of extraordinary, interesting, and jaw-dropping wonders, strange stories, places, and stories from history. Amusing Planet is helping people read thousands of extraordinary articles by people from all over the world and you can sort content by countries such as Africa, Asia, North, America, Oceania, South America, and various others. Whenever it comes to providing viral and unique news, Amusing Planet is there in the bucket which contains almost everything needed. Topics on a diverse range…


Cracked Alternatives

Cracked is a highly engaging and loved website based on humorous cracked magazines that take you to a world of humor. This is a funny website filled with millions of funny pics, articles, videos, and a bunch of other funny stuff right under a single platform. This humorous platform was established back in 2005 by Jack O Brien in 1958 that contains genuine humor for people all over the globe. It almost contains a couple of hundred thousand unique users…

9. Lifehacker

Lifehacker Alternatives

Lifehacker contains content on a dozen of categories that helps you learn loads of necessary things and get to know viral things instantly. Lifehacker brings plenty of exciting articles on almost all aspects of life that helps you get to know various new things and facts about them. There are thousands of articles for you to learn your living in the best possible way and get to know new things about nature. Categories including Food and Drink, Money, Home, Work,…

10. InspireFirst

InspireFirst Alternatives

InspireFirst brings the finest content on great writing for teaching you science and art in the best possible way. It helps readers and community members earn their living in the best possible way through getting the entire ideas and learning of writing. It elegantly teaches how to earn a passive income from your writing capabilities by teaching how to create quality content and publish helpful articles intuitively. Passive income accrues while you do other significant tasks like serving in your…

11. My Modern Met

My Modern Met Alternatives

My Modern Met contains hundreds of world top photographers that are delivering their masterpiece of arts to the entire world to see all the hidden aspects of plenty of things. My Modern Met is a significant platform celebrating the creativity of global folks and promoting a positive culture by bringing the best side of humanity and the universe. From the light and humor to the thought-enlightening and provoking, My Modern Met brings everything needed to kill time in the best…

12. Viral Nova

Viral Nova Alternatives

Viral Nova lets you get instant access to all the latest hilarious, interesting, min-blasting, and amusing stories available over the internet. Everyone of every age group can have fun over this platform because of its hilarious content. According to BuzzFeed, John Hermann described this platform as a connection between chain-letter internet, dark internet, and Facebook. Back on 9 July 2015, ViralNova was sold to Zealot Networks for a hundred million dollars, previously run by Scott Delong. Articles of plenty of…

13. Fubiz

Fubiz Alternatives

Fubiz is a lightweight and pure interface where you can get content that people want to see and access everything globally. Fubiz Media: Daily Dose of Inspiration lets you enjoy Fubiz content from your fingers and explore images of exciting articles. Exclusive content is here for you that increases your mentality and helps you have a great time surfing the internet. You can get daily curation of creative and contemporary cultures in a diverse number of categories. Some of these…

14. This Blog Rules

This Blog Rules Alternatives

This Blog Rules lets you have loads of engaging articles on plenty of things that you love reading to kill time. Its content rounds celebrity disasters, strange news and articles, unique items, viral content, and more right on your cell phones and tablets. Providing a dozen of categories helps you get your kind of stuff from all over the website. Some of its famous categories includes animals, art, food, fun, anti-virus, gaming, creative, brews, infographics, music, sports, street art, strange…


NOTCOT Alternatives

NOTCOT is a fine platform and a growing network of designed sites where you can get plenty of amazing and inspirational things without paying for anything. It’s a visual filtration of aesthetics, ideas, amusements, and fun where you can get plenty of viral articles to kill time in the best possible way. It’s a massive community of ordinary folks, creative designers, design lovers, trendsetters, and others where people love to add their stuff without any limitations. Notcot contains each image…

16. Bored Panda

Bored Panda Alternatives

Bored Panda is a super-leading pop and art culture magazine founded by Tomas Banisauskas back in 2009. It’s a leading art, photography, and design community for some extraordinary and creative people. This is a fine submission platform that is helping artists and creators to transform their stories into must-read viral and engaging content. You can get instant access to the most interesting and creative stories available on the internet. You can vote on new stories to help in determining which…

17. Upworthy

Upworthy is known as s social media platform that comes with a mission to share positive stories. The site focuses on the stories and digital content that they feel truly matter. It has more than 50 million active users around the world daily sharing millions of stuff to engage visitors. The stories on this platform are for those who ensure women are seen as full equals, those that show social responsibility is more than independent wealth, and make sure all…

18. Mashable

Mashable is the fastest-growing Buzzfeed-like Internet Media platform that provides a range of digital content about international entertainment, culture, technology, science, and lots of other topics. The platform is specially designed for professionals who want to find, read, and share positive social content. Mashable comes with a simple and easy-to-understand interface where you can explore your favorite content in a range of categories and also use its advanced search box that saves lots of time and after. The site also…

19. The Verge

The Verge is an American technology news website that publishes news, guidebooks, features, product reviews, podcasts, etc. It is a Buzzfeed alternative that offers a similar interface with some new tools and features. The site features a massive range of product reviews in the shape of both article and video formats that you can freely explore, read, and share with others. The Verge starts with a very basic level and now it has millions of users around the world who…

20. Diply

Diply is the fastest-growing entertainment site that has fun memes, articles, and other bits of content to share with others. It is an alternative site like Buzzfeed and offers a similar interface with some new options to make it better than others. The design that it uses provides you with details on many things surrounding the world around you including motivational and inspirational stories that are just plain funny. Diply allows everyone to freely read, write and share memes and…

21. Buzzfeed

Buzzfeed is one of the leading websites that offer news and entertainment content with a focus on digital media. The site was founded in 2006 at a very basic level and now it has millions of users around the world. It is originally known for online quizzes, listicles, and interesting pop culture articles that you can easily find, read and even share with others. It claims it has one of the largest collections of news and entertainment stuff and also…

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