10 Games Like Quaver

If you are searching for Similar Games to Friday Night Funkin, then it could be the best choice for you. Quaver comes with a blend of Music, Rhythm, and Single-player elements developed and published by Swam for Multiple Platforms. The game is running in its early access and got almost 6K positive reviews on Steam. Soon, the complete version of the game will be released for players worldwide.

Moreover, Quaver is a community-driven video game that comes with an open-source competitive rhythm option along with two possible modes and online leaderboards. During the game, you have an option to create your map or challenge your friends when playing in online modes.


  • Rhythm
  • A Variety of Songs
  • Rapping Game Elements
  • An Amazing Journey
  • Defeat Contestants
  • Music Gameplay
  • Global Leaderboards
  • Two New Modes
  • Community-driven Video Game

Quaver Alternatives


1. Amplitude

Released in 2003, Amplitude is a Music, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game released by Sony Computer Entertainment. It is released as the sequel to the video game (Frequency). In the game, the player needs to control a beat blaster ship across a variety of levels and each one is made up of six-lane tracks. Furthermore, each one is representing a musical instrument that holds a series of gems. During the game, as the player, you need to shoot the oncoming…

2. Guitar Hero

Guitar Hero is a beautiful series of Rhythm video games, firstly released in 2005. The game allows the player to control a guitar-style game controller to beat the music notes across numerous songs. When playing, the player requires to match notes scrolling on-screen to colored fret buttons available on the controller. There are several modes and the first title of the series was Guitar Hero, while the latest release of the series is Guitar Hero Live (2015). Furthermore, the series…

3. Etterna

If you are searching for a community-driven music video game, then there’s nothing better Etterna to consider an option. It is a cross-platform rhythm game that is responsible for putting you ahead of other contestants who come across the world to show their talents. It doesn’t available on any other third-party gaming marketplaces, as the developer decides to launch their project via Sourceforge. In short, it is the community-developed version of Stepmania 5, requiring you a keyboard to play the…

4. Rhythm Doctor

It is fully loaded with both Single-player, Co-op, and Split-screen game modes, offering you stunning gameplay to experience along with a perfect blend of Rhythm, Music, and Pixel Graphics. Developed by 7th Beat Games, Rhythm Doctor comes with over 20 handmade levels; each one is unfolding a unique story. Furthermore, each level introduces a different concept of rhythm theory uniquely. Apart from that, there’s a massive cast of doctors available along with patients to bring unique gameplay to your table.…

5. Spin Rhythm XD

Spin Rhythm XD is an Action, Rhythm, and Single-player Music video game released by Super Spin Digital for Multiple Platforms, including Mobile Devices. It offers you an electronic music rhythm gameplay fully loaded with analog-inspired controls, fluid, and hand-made levels. During the game, you are supposed to spin, flick, and tap the notes of the same colors to play a beat. Furthermore, lots of core features are there and you are allowed to create your custom levels to your dream…

6. Osu!mania

Similar to Friday Night Funkin’, Osu!mania is a Rhythm and Single-player video game available to play on Multiple Platforms. Open a beta version of the game is released for Android, iOS, and Linux, while users of PC and Mac are enjoying its complete version. There are four different modes, such as Osu!Taiko, Osu!, Osu!catch, and Osu!Mania. Each mode brings a series of different beat-maps, playable songs, and more. The first mode holds three different items, such as Spinners, Sliders, and…

7. StepMania

StepMania is not only a Rhythm video game but also a game engine released by Chris Danford as the clone of Konami’s video game “Dance Dance Revolution.” The premise of the game is to follow the arrows scrolling upward on the screen to meet the requirements. The game includes a series of Custom Songs, known as Simfiles. Moreover, it enables the users to build their custom dance patterns to the following formats, such as .mp3 and .ogg. The addition of…

8. Parappa the Rapper

Parappa the Rapper comes with only a Single-player video game, keeping the Rhythm genre to its core. Sony Computer Entertainment releases it back in 1996 for PlayStation; later in 2006, it was released for PlayStation Portable. The game releases with Unique Visual Design and Rap-based gameplay features that were amazing and unique at that time. The storyline revolves around a character who needs to complete all six stages of the game by using his rapping skills. In the game, you…

9. Sound Voltex

Sound Voltex (stylized a SOUND VOLTEX) is a Rhythm and Single-player Music video game released by Konami, the developers of Dance Dance Revolution. The game is split into two parts that relate to each other and their names are the following: Sound Voltex Booth and Sound Voltex Floor. Unlike other games, it doesn’t ask players to play the music accurately. Instead of that, players from worldwide need to put different effects on the existing music track. The prominent features of…

10. Friday Night Funkin

Friday Night Funkin' is a Single-player Rhythm video game developed by Ninjamuffin99 for Multiple Platforms. It is also abbreviated to FnF, serving as an open-source video game where the game brings lots of features borrowed from PaRappa the Rapper and Dance Dance Revolution to give you a thrilling gameplay experience. Apart from that, it includes a roster comprising characters from other Media. It revolves around a character who embarks on a journey to defeat a series of contestants in singing…