12 Sites Like PollUnit

PollUnit is a poll-creating website, online service, and tool developed for creating polls. In addition to creating the polls, you can also create contests and surveys. To create polls, contests, and surveys, people do not require any registration. Using this app, people can enhance decision-making and simplify the process of voting.

The site provides its users with customizations and themes using which they can add everything in the poll which they desire. Furthermore, the app enables you to simplify matching, distribution tasks, and scheduling. PollUnit website helps you to find the best poll data, distribute tasks, create lists, rate pictures, and organize photo contests.


  • Create the polls
  • Create contests and surveys
  • Enhance decision-making
  • Simplify the process of voting
  • Customizations and themes
  • Simplify matching, distribution tasks, and scheduling
  • Find the best poll data
  • Distribute tasks
  • Create lists
  • Rate pictures
  • Organize photo contests

PollUnit Alternatives


1. SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey is an office, productivity, and survey website developed by Ryan Finley. This site provides large-scale enterprise options for those companies which are interested in focused customer marketing and data analysis. With the help of this site, companies can also manage their brands. The site offers surveys and back-end programs such as data representation tools and bias elimination. On this site, you can manage the data of your company with advanced controls and security. Furthermore, the site enables its users…

2. StrawPoll.me

StrawPoll.me is a poll-making website and tool developed for creating polls. The process of creating polls has become a matter of seconds due to this website. This app enables users to create polls for their social media and see what their followers think. In addition to creating polls, you can also manage polls with this site. With the help of this site, people can easily find the answers to the polls. Moreover, using this site, you can find the solution…

3. poll-maker.com

poll-maker.com is a poll creator website and tool using which you can create polls in seconds. To create the polls, you have to add the questions and their answers. Then select any provided theme for a poll or create your own poll. After creating the people can copy its URL and paste it anywhere. In addition to copying and pasting the polls of URL, you can also share polls with friends and on social media platforms. Moreover, users can manage…

4. EasyPolls.net

Easy Polls.net is an online service, office, and productivity website designed for creating polls. With the help of this site, businesses can create surveys, polls, and quizzes of any size. In addition to creating surveys, polls, and quizzes, businesses can create lists of emails with this site. For creating the polls, you have to add questions, and answers, and choose styles. After creating polls, you can preview them and publish them wherever you want. The users of this site can…

5. Google Forms

Google Forms is an office, productivity website, and tool developed for creating forms. The forms created on this site are of various types including managing registrations, pop quizzes, and planning events. In addition to creating forms, you can also add videos, images, custom logic, and logos to the forms. With the help of this app, people can create questionnaires and surveys. Using questionnaires and surveys, you can collect details and organize them. Furthermore, this site provides you with a set…

6. Poal.me

Poal.me is a poll-creating website and tool using which people can create polls. By creating polls with this site, you can see what you people think about you. On this site, you can not only create polls but also surveys. To create the poll, you have to type the question of the poll on this website. After creating polls, the site enables users to share their created polls with others. In addition to sharing polls with others, the users of…

7. Poll For All

Poll For All is an online service and tool developed by Softry OU. This app is designed for creating incredible surveys and polls in a short period of time. The app enables its users to create their polls according to their preferences. In addition to creating polls and surveys, people can also participate in their desired polls. People can share their created polls and surveys on social media platforms with this app. Moreover, the app gives you access to your…

8. Vevox

Vevox is a business, commerce, education, reference, and communication developed by Meetoo Ltd. This app is specially designed for creating and interacting with the audience with quizzes and surveys. In addition to creating quizzes and surveys, you can also create polls on this site. To create polls, you have to add open-ended questions and MCQs. With the help of this app, large-scale companies can collect messages, access permissions, and collect feedback. This site has a Q/A module using which professionals…

9. Nextcloud Forms

Nextcloud Forms is a cloud service and communication website that serves as a form builder. On this site, you can easily create forms with multiple questions. The site offers both back-end and front-end editing tools that are used in creating forms. For creating forms, the apps provide you with multiple pre-defined questions from which you can choose desired questions. In addition to creating forms on this site, people can also share their created forms with others. Furthermore, the site has…

10. SurveyLegend

SurveyLegend is an office, productivity, and online service which serves as a survey management platform. Using this app, people can create polls, surveys, and forms within a few seconds. In addition to creating polls, surveys, and forms, users can also create quizzes. On this site, you can not only create polls, surveys, and quizzes but also customize and share them with others. Moreover, the site provides you with multiple templates from which you can choose desired templates. It offers multiple…

11. OnlinePoll.me

OnlinePoll.me is a poll creator system and tool developed by Aytek Cengiz. This is designed especially for creating polls so you can create polls without any limitations. With the help of this app, you can add polls to social media platforms. In addition to creating polls, you can also create surveys on this app. This app provides you with the results of votes and survey results immediately. The app enables users to analyze the information of all the voting users.…

12. Poll.ly

Poll.ly is an online service and tool developed for creating polls. This site enables all the users to efficiently brainstorm and contribute ideas while creating polls. For creating polls, you have to add the name and question in the box. After creating the polls, the site provides you with the link to polls. As the users get the links to the poll, they can share links with friends. People who have received the link to the polls can propose their…