Ownerly vs Zillow: Which One is Best For Home Buyers and Sellers

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People in the real estate industry often confuse Zillow and Ownerly as the two sides of the same coin. Undoubtedly, both of these companies are large and well-funded and provide many services to property and home dealers.

However, there are many differences that make these platforms different from each other. One of the most prominent differences is that Ownerly, as opposed to Zillow, does not provide real-time estimates of the market value of the home and provides estimates according to factors including age, location, size, and other factors.

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On the other hand, Zillow provides a real-time estimate of the data that is based on the property’s previous data. In this article, you can find the major difference between Ownerly and Zillow that can assist in choosing the right home appraisal platform for your home.

What is Ownerly?


Ownerly is a real estate software that provides information about different properties and homes in the United States. Ownerly started its journey in 2018 and gained instant popularity as people started using it as a tool for locating different information about the property, including tax information, property valuation and appreciation predictions, and information about the renovation done on the property.

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Ownerly provides a good estimation, as they claim to use the same data that banks utilize to access the property value. So, any person, whether he is interested in selling or buying their property, can use Ownerly to determine the worth of the specific property.

What is Zillow?


Zillow started its journey as a simple listing service in 2006 and was formed by Rich Barton and Lloyd Frink. Later, it expanded and started including property zestimates, which are basically researched estimations of the house value.

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Moreover, Zillow also advances by including other information, including agent recommendations about the property, rental information, financing alternatives, and other substantial resources. This data helps buyers, renters, and sellers navigate the property according to their choices.

Furthermore, Zillow also became Zillow Group by buying its competitor Tulia in 2015. That makes it one of the largest organizations in the real estate industry, which serves a great purpose for many home shoppers.

Zillow Alternatives

Key Differences

There are the following key differences that can help you choose between V and Zillow for your next property deal:

1. Ease of usage

Both of these platforms are very easy to use and can be easily figured out by anyone. Both platforms provide multiple features and have amazing algorithms.

However, the zestimates of Zillow are an additional feature that Zillow provides, as people really love to utilize zestimates. In addition to that, zestimates is very easy to use, and any person with little to no experience can use this feature.

2. Flexibility

Both of these land estate platforms are easy to use and flexible. If you are interested in buying and selling the property, doing it online is not a terrible idea.

You can easily make decisions and set your schedule without feeling pressured. This feature helps people make the best decisions based on market analysis and data about the property.

3. Complete control of your trade

If you would like to control your home sale or acquisition completely, then Ownerly is a better choice for you. You can make decisions about everything, including the pricing, budgeting, marketing, and even the choice of potential buyers or different properties.

In contrast to that, Zillow depends on the agents and hires them for you to make the deal about selling or buying the property. In return, the seller has to pay the commission charges to the agent in the future.

4. Accuracy of the estimates

Even though there are many factors that contribute to determining the value of the property, sometimes it can be hard to determine which platform provides a more accurate estimation of the property price.

However, Ownerly, as compared to Zillow, relies on a variety of factors to determine an accurate estimate of the property. Therefore, it can be safe to state that Ownerly provides accurate estimates of the property as compared to Zillow.

5. Quick selling

If you want to sell your property without stress and save time, then you can consider using Zillow. Zillow takes responsibility for selling or purchasing the property for you. The downside of quick selling through Zillow is that you may have to sell your property at a lower price.

On the other hand, Ownerly provides you with complete independence in selling and buying your property on your own without their involvement in your decision.

Comparison Chart: Ownerly and Zillow

Feature Ownerly Zillow
Property Data Provides property data, including ownership history, market value estimates, and potential rental income. Offers extensive property data such as home value estimates, tax history, and sales history.
Neighborhood Offers insights into neighborhood trends, crime rates, and school ratings. Provides neighborhood information, including school ratings, crime rates, and local amenities.
Listing Search Offers a basic property search feature, mainly focusing on property data and neighborhood insights. Offers a comprehensive listing search feature for buying, selling, or renting properties.
Market Trends Provides real-time market trends and analysis for potential investors. Offers market trends and forecasts, helping users understand the direction of the real estate market.
Mobile App Offers a mobile app for both iOS and Android platforms. Provides a mobile app for users to access property information on the go.
User Interface Simple and intuitive interface with a focus on essential property information. User-friendly interface with various filters and tools for property search and analysis.
Pricing Offers free access to basic property data with premium subscription options for more features. Provides free access to property listings and basic information with additional premium features for agents and professionals.


Technological advancements in the real estate marketplace have changed the dynamics of the real estate industry. Various real estate platforms, including Ownerly and Zillow, have made it a lot easier to find the perfect estimate of your property value. However, due to the many options in the market, it can be a bit difficult to choose the perfect real estate dealing platform since each platform provides unique features and services. Zillow can be a good option for people who enjoy using a wide range of features. On the other hand, Ownerly can provide better and more accurate estimations. In short, it can be difficult to choose one specific platform as it entirely depends upon the user’s preferences that they are looking for on any home appraisal website.


Which one provides the best services, Ownerly or Zillow?

The choice between Ownerly and Zillow highly depends on what you are looking for on these platforms. Both platforms provide multiple amazing features and are highly recommended as real estate dealing platforms. If you are interested in finding a detailed appraisal of your property, then you should consider using Ownerly.

On the other hand, if you are interested in finding an estimate of your property market value, then Zillow serves you well. However, keep in mind that you must do your own property research before heavily depending on these platforms.

Are Ownerly estimations considered more accurate than Zillow’s?

All of these factors determine the property’s value, and it can be difficult to claim that Ownerly always provides accurate information about the property. However, you can consider the fact that Ownerly forms its estimation of the property based upon multiple factors and a deep analysis of the property, so Ownerly is considered more accurate than Zillow in terms of estimating the property’s value.

How much do you have to spend on Ownerly and Zillow?

The good news is that both Zillow and Ownerly are free platforms that people can use for their real estate needs. However, Zillow provides its customers with the Zillow Premier Agent feature, which has different price ranges according to their real estate needs. On the other hand, Ownerly changes range from 1$ and offer a free trial for one week.