10 One Click Root Alternatives

One Click Root is a rooting program for Android that takes only a few seconds to complete. Examine your device to determine whether it can be rooted.

It’s a fantastic piece of software that allows you to root several Android devices with a single click. The tool’s creator also offers live help, so if your device isn’t compatible, the One Click Root team will root it manually and remotely.

The utility works in a highly steady manner and ensures that the program is installed. It is the ideal answer for this, as it allows you to root with a single click and save time and effort.


  • Boot manager
  • Backup manager
  • Modern Manager
  • Fast boot manager
  • Optimization tool

Similar to One Click Root


1. unrEVOked

unrEVOked is a powerful flashing tool that replaces the default Android recovery with a custom one, allowing you to easily gain access to superuser privilege and tweak it to your liking. You can use unrEVOked to root your HTC phone and do advanced functions on it. For a quick setup, connect the device to the computer, enable USB debugging, and install the HBOOT drivers. Launch the program after installing the essential components, and follow the Setup Wizard's instructions. The smartphone…

2. AirDroid

AirDroid is an easy-to-use tool that allows users to connect to and manage their Android phone or tablet from their PC through a remote connection. This easy project allows you to manage your Android apps from your computer. Clients can control certain aspects of their Android phone or tablet from afar. He can, for example, transfer documents and files from a PC to an Android device or from an Android device to a PC. He may also use the PC's…

3. BusyBox X Pro

BusyBox X Pro is one of the most popular and reliable programs for rooting Android smartphones. The platform includes a live screen that displays the current state of the system to users. It has the most supported applets and is compatible with the widest range of apps. Users may write to external storage and get information about Wi-Fi networks using the platform. It also gives users access to the Accounts Service account list and the ability to open network sockets.…

4. MyMobiler

MyMobiler is free Android software that allows you to mirror the screen of your smartphone or tablet on your computer. While using your mobile device on your PC might not be exactly what you're looking for, it does allow easier access to functions on your phone which may take longer if you were to be using the touch screen display. MyMobiler has a Windows Explorer-like file manager that gives you quick access to your phone or tablet's directory structure. You…

5. Root booster

Root booster is designed for root users who want more performance in order to run programs without delays or who wish to improve their battery life. One of the most impressive aspects of Root Booster is that it tests your RAM and adjusts your VM heap size for improved stability and speed. Many applications claim to conserve power or boost performance, but Root Booster applies the most tried-and-true settings to provide the greatest results. These adjustments are readily applied using…

6. KingRoot

KingRoot is a program that allows you to root your Android smartphone in a matter of seconds, as long as you have the latest version of the operating system installed. It is a kind of software that allows users to gain root access on their smartphones, tablets, and other devices. The tool's creator also offers live help, so if your device isn't compatible, the team KingRoot will root it manually and remotely. The utility works in a highly steady manner…

7. Root Genius

Root Genius is the best tool for rooting any Android smartphone or tablet PC. It is a clever, quicker, and more supportive root program for all Android phones and tablets, from well-known manufacturers. The program allows users to root their Android devices with a single click, and it works on both mobile and desktop computers. Root Genius Download is completely free, and it will give your Android a whole new level of enjoyment. The utility works in a highly steady…

8. Superuser

A Superuser is a special user account used for system administration tasks such as network and database administration. It's a variant of the administrator user, which varies by operating system and circumstance. Superuser is most usually used to refer to the Android mobile operating system's most privileged user account, which may be activated via rooting the device. Superuser’s core feature is the ability to give or refuse root rights to apps that request them. Superuser may ask you if you…

9. Magisk

Magisk is a program that allows you to easily root your Android smartphone. It's a Systemless root approach that makes changes to the Android system without really changing it. A user may quickly root an Android phone using Magisk in a very short and effective method. Magisk allows you to not only root your phone, but also to use a variety of additional features like MagiskSU, Magisk Hide, and managing root permissions for third-party apps. The best aspect of Magisk…

10. SuperSU

SuperSU is the best management tool that is specially designed to develop your Android devices. Superuser privileges are clearly analogous to the Administrator level on a Windows machine. Under the root state, users may do nearly anything with their Android smartphone or tablet. It is a popular root-only program that functions as a guard for your rooted Android smartphone. In order to control app permissions, this is done in a particular security frame. There's also the benefit of administration over…

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