11 Sites Like MultiMC

MultiMC is an OS, utility website, and tool developed for installing and removing various mods. With the help of this Minecraft Launcher, people can easily manage different installations. This custom-designed website facilitates multiple users with a lot of mods. From this site, people can get various mods and manage them.

Moreover, this site’s users can import and export multiple mods. MultiMC surfaces different instances like texture pack save and separated mods. This website supports custom icons, forge integration, change Java’s runtime, and custom resolution. It is secure, so you can use it without worrying about viruses.


  • Install and remove various mods
  • Manage different installations
  • Custom-designed website
  • Facilitate multiple users
  • Get various mods
  • Import and exports multiple mods
  • Surfacing different instances
  • Supports custom icons and forge integration
  • Supports change in Java’s runtime and custom resolution
  • Secure to use

MultiMC Alternatives


1. TLauncher

TLauncher is an entertainment website, gaming software, and Minecraft launcher for various devices. People can download all the desired versions of available games from this website. All the game versions provided by this site are downloaded from the developer's server. This website provides its users with a wide range of skins from which they can choose their desired skins. On this site, you can build custom mods using the mudpack system. The site has a variety of mods packs and…

2. GDLauncher

GDLauncher is a Minecraft launcher and gaming website specially developed to fulfill the requirements of Minecraft players. With the help of this site, people can launch multiple mods for their games. In addition to launching mods for games, the players can also launch custom content. Using this site, players can add new features to their games and ultimately contribute to their projects. Moreover, this site supports a configuration option to customize your Minecraft experience with this site. This site provides…

3. CurseForge Launcher

CurseForge Launcher is a gaming website and tool used for downloading addons. People can easily download CC and mods from this site for their games. In addition to downloading addons, mods, and CC, the site enables you to manage them. This website features addons and mods of multiple games and various projects. Moreover, this site's users can suggest a feature for any game. Using this site, people can not only download mods but also publish different mods. CurseForge Launcher allows…

4. SkaiaCraft

SkaiaCraft is a gaming website and Minecraft network developed for shopping game items. People can purchase Sky-block-related things from this site and build everything in the game. Using this site, you can build epic bases, level up, and earn ranks. This site enables its users to compete to become the game queen or king. On this site, users can build their character upon the class selection. It has a display item feature, so it displays items whenever you tell an…

5. ATLauncher

ATLauncher is a gaming website and tool developed especially for playing modded Minecraft. This website has multiple mod packs from which you can get desired mods for sandbox games. Players do not have to go through these mods physically to get mods from this site. This Minecraft Launcher contains 322 unique Modpacks, out of which 82 are extensive mod packs. In addition to downloading mods, the site also enables people to upload their created mods. With the help of this…

6. SK Launcher

SK Launcher is an OS, utility website, and tool developed especially for supporting games. This website has boosted FPS, which enhances the capabilities of games. From this site, you can get all the details of games like score, location, player, and gameplay. In addition to providing game details, the site enables players to communicate and chat with other players. Moreover, the site users can change the player model and add a cape for getting complex play mode. This site's users…

7. Mineshafter

Mineshafter is a gaming website and Minecraft launcher developed with built-in anti-cheat. This built-in anti-cheat feature prevents flying and blocks hacking from happening in games. With the help of this site, people can download plugins and resource packs for their games. Using this site, people can easily play Minecraft on servers with whitelisted players. In addition to playing Minecraft on whitelisted players' servers, you can also play Minecraft on cracked servers. Furthermore, this site minimizes the effect on RAM, GPU,…

8. Titan Launcher

Titan Launcher is a Minecraft website and tool which works with the latest versions of Minecraft games. With the help of this site, people can get various mods for their games. From this site, people can quickly get resource packs for games. You can customize models, sounds, credits, music, textures, and language files using these resources. Moreover, the site provides its users with shaders to change the game's look by changing graphical effects and lights. In addition to changing graphic…

9. VoidLauncher

VoidLauncher is a game launcher website and tool which provides people with multiple mod packs for Minecraft games. The site lets the players choose their desired games' mods from all the provided mods. All the mod packs available on this site have different themes and thumb strips. This game launcher website comes up with almost four tabs. The first tab of this site is for news sustain, and the second tab contains mod packs. The third tab of this site…

10. Technic Launcher

Technic Launcher is a game launcher website and tool used in Minecraft games. The site provides its users with multiple mods for different Minecraft games. You can install the mods provided by this site manually by copying. With this site's help, you can access in-game features. This site allows users to explore and browse multiple mods in search of desired mods. This website is regularly updated with new mods and provides updates of the latest mods. Furthermore, the site has…

11. Original Minecraft Launcher

Original Minecraft Launcher is a game launcher website and tool developed for Minecraft games. With the help of this site, people can play Minecraft games without making modifications. Using this launcher, you can quickly run all the versions of Minecraft games on your device. When the new version of this launcher is released, the site will be set to update automatically. You can use this site with Microsoft account to avoid facing security threats. Furthermore, this site does not enable…