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Missive- a team inbox and chat solution, is created for a business-first collaboration environment in which teams could only communicate via email inboxes. It gives free access up time for teams to focus on building their business. It is essential to collaborate with team members of your public and private communication channels in one app.  This app can cooperate with any shared inbox, such as email, Twitter, SMS, or webchat.

Initially, take a step back and focus on one team at a time in scoped interactions to provide benefits to teammates. It is incredible to its core notion of asynchronous communication. As you try to keep your clients satisfied, it keeps your team productive and engaged with a wonderful addition to the desktop version.

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  • Team collaboration
  • Business management
  • Empower business
  • Stay focused

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Sesame Chat is a secure, dependable, and up-to-date control message program. You can remove your communications from remote devices at any time with your cognitive messenger. When you hit send, your messages, photos, and files then it establishes your legal right to all of your information and communications. This means you can get your property and turn off the Forwarding option at any time. You have complete control over who has access to your messages and who can save them…

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Travitor is a workplace and learning management system that manages your learning skills searchable and accessible.  It is simple to use to create, deliver, and track training. You have also access to hundreds of high-quality compliance, business, safety, and personal development courses. You can add videos, presentations, papers, quizzes, and assignment instructions to your course using the built-in course design function.  You can instantly be searchable and accessible from anywhere and anyplace. With the help of this platform, it assists…

3: aTalk

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aTalk- (an XMPP / Jabber)  supports plain text instant messaging and end-to-end encryption with OMEMO or OTR SSL Certificate authentication. HttpFile Upload protocols are used to make file sharing easier and more dependable in the form of file transfer and bytes streams. OMEMO encryption improves privacy and security in group chat sessions in various types of files. For offline communication, It supports HTTP file upload and file sharing in group chat such as stickers, Bitmoji, and Emoji rights, including thumbnail…

4: Orion

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Orion is a business collaboration platform that allows you to process automation, intelligence amplification, and analytics with real-time communication and operational control. Frontline workers operate well together in terms of transportation, energy, security, retail, hospitality, and facilities management. It provides you secure global push-to-talk collaboration level with statistical analysis of costs. You can securely interact with people, groups, or the entire group from any place, across any network, and on any device. Moreover, you have organized an effective operational Control…

NuovoTeam is a business messaging and collaboration platform that keeps you linked with your mobile workforce using end-to-end encryption. It enables secure communication in a mobile-first linked society. To keep the mobile workforce connected and to promote productivity and cooperation between the mobile workforce and non-desk staff. It is an easy-to-use platform for Push-to-Talk, messaging, video calls, corporate directory, and location monitoring has been developed. It is replicated by a software-based Push-to-Talk (PTT) program to accomplish one-to-many mobile audio communication…

WikiPro is the full-featured business messaging platform to transmit essential documents and conduct two-way messaging using your work phone line. It is a cross-platform corporate text messaging system that lets you send messages from your computer or mobile device. You can Text, Engage, and Convert to enable two-way messaging. Furthermore, collect reviews, convert leads, make appointments, get paid faster, and participate in surveys with a single line of codes. Texting is used to collect customer feedback and allows customers to…

7: Brosix


Brosix is an all-in-one solution that may help you increase team communication and efficiency, save money, and protect your data with just one click. Your team's internal network improves security and streamlines work processes your team efficiency by using a simple platform. You can create your own Team Network in 60 seconds and start reaping these and other benefits for your company. Moreover, It is a Business Instant Messaging Software that facilitates enterprises' day-to-day operations by providing secure, real-time conversations across…

Zello is a technological software company established in Austin, Texas, which uses cell phone networks to imitate push-to-talk walkie-talkies.  This app runs on your phone and offers an unlimited number of secure private channels as well as crystal clear broadcasts across cellular networks. With the help of this application, you can use your phone as a walkie-talkie or two-way radio with wifi connection. Users may immediately join channels and send voice or photo messages, and the program works on 2G networks…

9: Zinc


Zinc is an application that connects the people and information on the service team. The job was completed in a timely and accurate manner, reducing the meantime to repair, increasing customer happiness, and increasing employee engagement. It's ServiceMax's first secure real-time software, combining all modes of communication (text, phone, video, content sharing, hotline groups, and broadcasts) into a single, mobile-first solution while maintaining compliance, security, and central administration to repair, increase customer satisfaction, and improve employee engagement. Service teams can…

GroupTalk is a push-to-Talk technology mission-critical enterprise mobile communication and safety solution (PTT). With our current web-based Push-to-Talk cloud service, you may be up and running in minutes. It allows users to have real-time group chats with the touch of a button on their phones to two-way radios. By delivering live location updates, use the panic button to immediately warn colleagues of a dangerous issue. Moreover, Cloud services are currently managed via a combination of centralized web-based administration and OTA…

Front is a San Francisco-based privately held software company that develops a shared email inbox and calendar solution. Customers and clients can use the company's collaboration software to connect with anyone. It functions as a communication hub and a platform for developing strong consumer interactions and relationships. It allows your team to analyze, remark on, allocate, and respond to those pesky emails in a timely, accurate, and human-like fashion. The attractive interface has inspired email clients that team members are…

12: Pumble


Pumble is a free group chat application that works with groups and team members. As an alternative to other team chats, it facilitates unlimited users and history backup. You can start a voice call with one of your coworkers through direct messaging. In addition,  You may use chat to construct a team chat app that allows you to connect with other team members and send messages to both public and private channels to discuss anything. In the dashboard of this…

The Peak Everest Platform is a business-critical platform that consists of multiple features such as  Push-to-talk call delay, elevated multiple servers, AES 256 encryption capabilities, PTT messaging, SOS alerts, and live GPS tracking.  It includes different phases of various sizes, from tiny to huge who are thinking about buying the product.  It becomes much easier to keep track of everything in colleague communication that is trouble-free, and straightforward. Moreover, you can manage, monitor, message, and communicate using the PC-based dispatch control interface.…

14: Voxer


Voxer is a collaboration communication tool that operates like a walkie-talkie. With just a click of the push-to-talk (PTT) button, your team can communicate securely. It is an essential messaging program that allows you to send text, photos, and voice recordings to other users in remote areas. Additionally, it focuses on voice messaging to support end-to-end encrypted private chats. Furthermore, it is a strong push-to-talk (PTT) app for distant teams that is all you need for secure and real-time communication…

AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk – an application that collaborates with your field staff with the push of a button. You can stay connected every time and increase operational efficiency and communication in real-time. With the simple click button, make group calls with team members. Initially, the app was is available on FirstNet which enables dedicated communications for first responders and others. You can choose from a variety of options on the devices that are most beneficial to transmit information through the…


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