8 Games Like Life Simulator - Realistic Life Simulation Game

If you are one of those players who love playing Text-based Life Simulators like Bitlife, then Life Simulator: Realistic Life Simulation Game is designed for you to play and enjoy. The creators behind the development of the game are Mind Vacation, Inc. and it releases the product to Mobile Devices only. It comes with both education and fun together, giving you a chance to choose your life scenario and struggle to be the richest person in the virtual world.

It contains several lesions in regards to the following topics, such as Financial, Relationship, Time Management, Career, and more. There are over 10 Unlockable Perks available and the game features dozens of achievable life goals as well. During the game, you can meet, date, propose, and marry your partners with varied personalities.


  • 15+ Life Scenarios
  • 10 Unlockable Perks
  • Achievable Goals
  • Sports Cars
  • Careers
  • Education
  • Activities
  • Produce YouTube Videos
  • Buy Pets
  • Randomly Generated Events

Similar Games To Life Simulator – Realistic Life Simulation Game

1. Simulife: Life Simulator Games

Simulife: Life Simulator Games aims to release the game with a choice of giving you control over your virtual life. It is one of the best Text-based video games as well as the best source of fun. In the game, you have an option to choose your life, decide your career, and take care of your health. It gives you an option to do marry and have kids to enjoy life. In case you aren’t interested to do marry, then…

2. AltLife: Life Simulator

AltLife: Life Simulator is one of the best Bitlife Alternatives if you are searching for it. Furthermore, it works on the same pattern to give you the Life Simulation gameplay where you start your virtual life in a single click to see how many turns the life takes during the game. There are thousands of stories; each one is different than others, so you won’t find two stories identical. Live your dreams when playing the game, make money and relationships…

3. Life Simulator: Role Playing Real Life Sim RPG

Are you looking for a Text-based Life Simulator video game-like Bitlife, but with some graphics? If so, then we present Life Simulator: Role Playing video game released by ACG for Mobile Devices. Most of the time, wishes in real life can’t be fulfilled; now, it is possible in the virtual world of Life Simulator: Role Playing video game where you enjoy/live the life of a legend. The addition of RPG aspects takes your gaming experience to the next level where…

4. LifeSimulator - Chinese Life

Kiwigames brings one of the best Text-based Life Simulators, offering you similar Gameplay to Bitlife for Android. In this game, you can start a random to find your love; meanwhile, striving for promotion as well. Everything is possible in the game when it comes to doing virtual stuff and all things are randomly generated. Like, in the game you are free to get yourself assigned to a family, give a name to your character, and start your life in the…

5. Life Simulator

Developed by Kgapps, Like Simulator is a text-based video game available to play on your Android Device. It features exciting gameplay where you may assume the role of a character, named Carl Sagan who dreams to become a millionaire. You aren’t only limited to become a millionaire only, as you can become a billionaire too. When playing the game, you have both choices either to spend a legal life or be a criminal. If you choose to be a criminal,…

6. QuickLife

Whether you love to play Bitlife or AltLife - Life Simulator, you should give Quicklife a chance as it is offering almost similar gameplay with a simple interface and limited options. Released by Antonio Stipic, Quicklife is a text-based and Life Simulator video game giving you a chance to become anything you want in your life, including a smuggler, criminal, and mafia. Before starting your life, you have to give the name to a newly born baby and then take…

7. InstLife

InstLife was discontinued due to unknown reasons but a trace of the game is still available on third-party websites like Uptodown. It is a text-based Life Simulation video game that gives you a chance to experience and lead your virtual life and do whatever you dream. There are dozens of fun-filled options available that you can choose from to brighten your future. You start your virtual life as a newborn baby and grows as time passes. In the end, your…

8. Bitlife: Life Simulator

Bitlife: Life Simulator is a Text-based Life Simulation launched by CandyWriter, LLC for Android and iOS. It gives you a chance to see how life evolves when you are making choices in regard to your education, career, and profession. Apart from that, the game releases new Challenges every week and award a mystery box to winners. Select your name and gender to jump into the game, hit the “+” button to age up, and make decisions to see the impact…