Kahoot vs. Mentimeter - Which One is Best?

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Users can use Mentimeter to create interactive meetings and presentations. Using the software, you can present remotely, face-to-face, or hybridally using live quizzes, word clouds, polls, and more.

On the other hand, with Kahoot, corporate trainers and teachers can create interactive presentations, learning materials, and games for their audiences. Tests can be prepared with flashcards, games, quizzes, and peer challenges, which ensure maximum engagement.

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However, there is a detailed comparison between Kahoot and Mentimeter that you can read before making a decision.

What is Kahoot?


A cloud-based quiz platform designed for students and teachers, Kahoot is ideal for large groups. It is possible to be creative with the game-based platform and offer students bespoke learning options by creating quizzes from scratch.

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It is easy and fast to get started with Kahoot, which has over 40 million games already created for anyone to play. When time and resources are limited, this tool is perfect for hybrid and distance learning. Kahoot is free, so all you need to get started is a Kahoot account. It is possible for students to use Kahoot from anywhere with an internet connection using a variety of devices.


  • Provide unlimited access on their free plan with an unlimited audience
  • Have the option to turn on the background music for better live events
  • Students can create their custom characters
  • Users can provide feedback after the live events
  • Provide multiple questions from the massive and versatile Kahoot library
  • You can easily randomize the questions and answers’ numbers according to your opinion


  • Numbers of questions are limited to only two in the free version of Kahoot
  • The free plan of Kahoot does not provide an import slides feature
  • It has limited native integrations
  • Does not allow to take real-time questions, especially during the events.

Kahoot Pricing

Kahoot! offers four pricing options for individuals, teams, enterprises, and one-time events.

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What is Mentimeter?


Mentimeter is a digital presentation tool that works live and digitally. The software is designed for both classroom and remote education use. Teachers can present a quiz, take a poll, and interact with students in real-time with this tool, unlike a PowerPoint or Slides presentation.

The goal is to make learning more engaging for students, even when they are not in class. Mentimeter is designed to be used outside of the classroom and in business as well, so there is a lot of support, making it a very well-designed platform that’s constantly being updated.

A web browser can be used to access this tool, making it easy to use on virtually any device. In addition to this, students can also access learning resources on their smartphones and tablets anywhere they are with dedicated apps.


  • Provides all types of questions in the free plan.
  • Users can use five different emojis to set up the slide reactions
  • Users can also view presenter notes using the Mentimeter
  • Users can ask the auto-saved questions from the viewers during the event
  • Users can enjoy the whole process of learning and make it more interesting and fun by adding different images and GIFs. Users can access these images and GIFs from the native library


  • The free plan has limitations and only allows for 50 participants per month.
  • Doesn’t allow importing slides in the free plan
  • You can not track your detailed performance with the reports in the Mentimeter.
  • Templates and native integration options are limited

Mentimeter Pricing

Mentimeter Basic and Pro enable you to put your brand on inquiries, export the results into excel, get flagship access to additional question types and be able to ask more than two questions in sequence. It will also enable sharing of questions with teams as well as the provision of priority support.

Basic: $9.99/month (billed annually)
Pro: $24.99/month (billed annually)

Comparison Chart Between Kahoot and Mentimeter

Feature Kahoot Mentimeter
Primary Purpose Interactive quizzes and learning games Interactive presentations and audience engagement
Format Quiz-based with game-like experience Presentation slides with live polling and Q&A
Audience Participants join using a game-pin Participants join using a code or link
Engagement Competitive, game-like atmosphere Interactive slides, polls, and open-ended responses
Education Focus Popular in classrooms and training sessions Used in classrooms, conferences, and corporate meetings
Question Types Multiple choice, true/false, and puzzles Multiple choice, word clouds, scales, open-ended
Team Activities Supports team-based activities Limited support for team collaboration
Feedback Immediate feedback through leaderboard Real-time feedback through polls and responses
Analytics Basic analytics on participant performance Detailed analytics on engagement and responses


Using Kahoot can transform learning into a highly gamified experience. This program allows students to construct personalized avatars, compete in competitions, and be honored at the end on a podium with the top three students. Meanwhile, Mentimeter’s interactive tools allow you to gather feedback on live events, view presenter notes, and remotely control slide progression. Most of its question types, however, are not designed for scoring or competition but rather to capture ideas and thoughts. Both of these platforms offer different and unique features that users can enjoy and can make learning and presenting more fun and relatable. You can choose both Kahoot and Mentimeter according to your personal requirements and choice.


Who can utilize Kahoot?

Due to its web-based nature, Kahoot can be accessed and used from a wide variety of devices, including laptops, tablets, smartphones, Chromebooks, and desktop computers. Both an iOS and Android app and an online version are available, and it runs in a browser window.

Teachers are able to share challenges more easily with Kahoot, thanks to its integration with Microsoft Teams. You can co-create Kahoots with colleagues using the pro or premium versions.

What are some of the best Kahoot tips and tricks that users can use?

  • With Kahoot, you can use existing questions to build a personalized quiz without having to write them all out.
  • By using Ghost mode, students can compare their current score to their previous high score. A good way to see progress between the beginning and the end of a lesson.
  • At the start of class, set up a quiz and adjust your teaching accordingly based on the results so you can tailor your instruction to each student.
  • Students can create their own quizzes to share with the class, allowing them to share their knowledge while teaching others.

Is Mentimeter free to use?

Yes! Mentimeter provides a free version, which teachers can use to create unlimited presentations to entertain unlimited audience members. However, this version has some limitations, as you can only add two questions in each slide and create five quiz slides in total. However, if you want unlimited features, you can consider buying their premium version.

What are some of the best Mentimeter tips and tricks that users can use?

  • Brainstorm anything in class using the word cloud feature. Using random words as prompts for creative writing can be useful.
  • You can use the Action Priority Matrix to determine which skills should be taught first, followed by a quiz to assess understanding and retention.
  • Mentimeter can be used to create presentations that get students to interact with each other. Follow up with more presentations based on the students’ reactions.