21 Ivanti Unified Endpoint Manager Alternatives

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Ivanti Unified Endpoint Manager is an application that helps its users to manage all their profiles with the help of its all-in-one management software. This application eases its users with the surety of managing their files on their device without any data loss and provides its users complete security of their confidential business files with its day zero support.

It handles all the profiles of its users on all the devices including Linux to Chrome OS, windows to macOS, and also beyond loT, all thanks to its developers and a talented tech team who created this endpoint manager for us. Like other alternatives, it also provides guidelines on how to use it efficiently in the form of a demo and apply it in a free trial to get experience before use.

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  • Client-based UEM
  • Manage modern and traditional devices
  • Contact team service
  • Help remote workers
  • Increase IT productivity
  • Automate provisioning

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1: Oomnitza


Oomnitza is a solution for Enterprise Technology Management that gives users access to a critical business process system for endpoints, apps, infrastructure, and networking. It ensures that your technology is optimal, secure, and compliant from when you buy it to when you retire it. In many ways, this will change the way our company moves forward. Every person we've worked with has been very professional and has helped us a lot in our efforts to get the most out of…

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The company FinalWire Ltd. developed AIDA64, which is a diagnostic and auditing tool. It gives information about Windows, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Tizen, Chrome OS, and Sailfish OS, as well as these operating systems themselves. All AIDA64 benchmarks have been updated to 64-bit and now use MMX, 3DNow, and SSE instructions. It makes it possible to test Intel and AMD multi-core processors in more depth. So that the benchmarks are as accurate as possible, this was done. There have been…

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Spiceworks is a professional network for people who work in IT. Its headquarters are in Austin, which is in the state of Texas. It is an online community where people can work together and help each other. It also gives its users access to a market where they can buy and sell IT-related goods and services. It is thought that about six million people who work in information technology and three thousand different types of businesses in the technology industry…

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SiSoftware Developed by SANDRA, a piece of software that can be used for analysis, diagnosis, and benchmarking. It's benchmarks show off new technologies like multi-core, WMMX2, WMMX, AMD64/EM64T/x86-64, IA-64, NUMA, SMT, SMP, SSE4, SSSE3, SSE3, SSE2, SSE, MMX, Java, and.NET. It is a tool for Windows that helps you analyze and fix problems on your PC. Your PC's model and the technical specs of its different parts, such as its CPU, graphics card, storage, network adapter, and Internet connection, are…


Using WinAudit, you can check your computer's hardware, software, security settings, networks, and more. It makes a detailed report about the system's settings, hardware, and software. The software may report on the system's hardware and software configuration. The results are shown on web pages divided into sections for easy reading and text-based searching. It has features for people interested in software auditing, tracking hardware, technical support, security, or even being curious. The program can keep an eye on Windows updates…


System Information is a system profiler that comes with Microsoft Windows. It shows information about the operating system, hardware, and software that can diagnose and fix problems. The Control Panel is where you can find System Information. All Windows computers come with it already set up. It gathers technical information about the whole system, the hardware resources (like RAM and I/O), the actual hardware parts (like CD-ROM, sound, and network), and the Windows environment as well (drivers, environment variables, services,…


IT service management (ITSM), IT asset management (ITAM), and other digital operations in K–12 schools are all transformed by Incident IQ. IT support staff can do their jobs faster and better with the help of Incident IQ. Streamline how devices are given out, take care of school-related costs, and more. Through Incident IQ's connection to Google Devices, IT departments at K-12 schools can automatically assign devices, see a lot of metadata, and lock Chromebooks that have gone missing without touching…


CPU-Z is a free Microsoft Windows and Android tool that lets you profile and watch your system. It can figure out a modern PC or Android device's central processing unit, random access memory, motherboard chipset, and other hardware parts. CPU-Z is better in almost every way than the tools that come with the Windows operating system for identifying hardware parts. So, it helps identify some features without having to open the case. In particular, it helps determine the core revision…


The Belarc Advisor uses your computer's Internet connection to make a complete profile of your system's software, hardware, network, missing Microsoft hotfixes, antivirus status, and security benchmarks. Information you put in your profile on your computer is never sent to a server elsewhere. It is faster, more accurate, and gives more detailed information than similar programs, some of which even charge for the same features. Belarc Advisor is an excellent choice if you need a tool to quickly and thoroughly…


Panda AD360 is an EPP-based suite that contains a host of notably endpoint detection and response (EDR) and patch management. The usage of this program is for blocking malicious apps, managing patches, filtering web content, and more. Panda Adaptive Defense 360 can also evaluate thousands of different attributes for each executable to classify the category of safe and harmful. It consists of a threat hunting service that can quickly detect all the attacks that didn't have malware signatures and even…

Advanced endpoint protection helps users protect their systems from script-based, file-less, and zero-day threats using behavioral analysis and the machine-learning network. The platform can offer multiple endpoint security tools, including firewalls and antivirus-based software that depends upon the determined threat information to detect attacks instantly. Using these advanced technologies, users can take multiple steps forward to pre-identify the potential latest and complex threats that can cause much harmful effects on breaching. Advanced Endpoint Protection can also integrate with different security…

Endpoint Protector is a compact data protection program that aims to serve multiple organizations with the services, such as monitoring, data discovery, and such protection based on data loss avoiding multi-operating systems. The platform can control the pen drives and many other portable devices based on the vendor ID, product ID, serial number, etc. Endpoint Protector lets its linked businesses depend for compact file transfers, aside from taking access via context and content inspection to the described control over it.…

Founded by elite intelligence professionals, Cybereason is an online endpoint protection platform that offers users endpoint detection and response against security breaches. Users can get help from the next-generation antivirus, managed monitoring services, and much more. It empowers by the custom-built in-memory graphs and acts as the automated hunting engine, so any linked organization feels secure using these cyber adversaries. Cybereason can robotically detect the whole behavioral patterns at each endpoint, as it pointed out multiple malicious operations in a…


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