11 Harmony Endpoint Alternatives

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One of the Endpoint security solution providers known as Harmony Endpoint, build to secure the remote workforce from the latest complex-based threats. They can block harmful threats, including phishing, ransomware, and drive-by malware, and reduce the impact of breaches with the help of quick autonomous detection and response within the system.

Harmony Endpoint also lets linked organizations access almost absolute endpoint protection at excellent quality in an efficient solution. It can instantly block all the malware coming while users are browsing from the web and with the linked emails without allowing it to touch the endpoint, so it doesn’t affect their productivity.

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  • Endpoint Protection
  • Investigation Management
  • Network Monitoring
  • Reporting/Analytics
  • Threat Intelligence

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11 Alternatives Listed
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Panda AD360 is an EPP-based suite that contains a host of notably endpoint detection and response (EDR) and patch management. The usage of this program is for blocking malicious apps, managing patches, filtering web content, and more. Panda Adaptive Defense 360 can also evaluate thousands of different attributes for each executable to classify the category of safe and harmful. It consists of a threat hunting service that can quickly detect all the attacks that didn't have malware signatures and even…

Advanced endpoint protection helps users protect their systems from script-based, file-less, and zero-day threats using behavioral analysis and the machine-learning network. The platform can offer multiple endpoint security tools, including firewalls and antivirus-based software that depends upon the determined threat information to detect attacks instantly. Using these advanced technologies, users can take multiple steps forward to pre-identify the potential latest and complex threats that can cause much harmful effects on breaching. Advanced Endpoint Protection can also integrate with different security…

Endpoint Protector is a compact data protection program that aims to serve multiple organizations with the services, such as monitoring, data discovery, and such protection based on data loss avoiding multi-operating systems. The platform can control the pen drives and many other portable devices based on the vendor ID, product ID, serial number, etc. Endpoint Protector lets its linked businesses depend for compact file transfers, aside from taking access via context and content inspection to the described control over it.…

Founded by elite intelligence professionals, Cybereason is an online endpoint protection platform that offers users endpoint detection and response against security breaches. Users can get help from the next-generation antivirus, managed monitoring services, and much more. It empowers by the custom-built in-memory graphs and acts as the automated hunting engine, so any linked organization feels secure using these cyber adversaries. Cybereason can robotically detect the whole behavioral patterns at each endpoint, as it pointed out multiple malicious operations in a…


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