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Human or Not refers to a captivating online platform designed to offer its users to test the limits of AI’s ability to emulate human interactions. It can allow its clients to engage in various tasks or games where they converse with an AI, then decide whether they are interacting with a machine or a human.

Human or Not also comes with serving a dual purpose: it provides an intriguing user experience and contributes valuable data towards the continual development and enhancement of AI models. There is even availability to serve as an exciting window into the future of AI technology and its potential applications in daily life.

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  • Supports various digital platforms
  • Useful for bot detection & mitigation
  • AI model to detect non-human behaviors
  • Advanced algorithms for accurate detection
  • Real-time detection for immediate response


  • Free access
  • AI model evaluator
  • User-friendly interface
  • Regular update support
  • Assists AI understanding


  • Web-based only
  • Requires AI knowledge
  • Limited model support

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Death and Taxes is an adventure, simulation, strategy, and puzzle video game developed by Placeholder Gameworks. In this game, the player has to play the role of Grim Reaper who works in an office. During the gameplay, the objective of the player is to decide whether the people are going to die or live. In addition to deciding the death and life of people, the player also has to decorate the desk. This game enables the player to choose his…

Sort the Court is an action, simulation, and strategy video game. All through the game, the player has to get in the shoes of the king. During the gameplay, the player has to get a better outcome of the kingdom by making important decisions. Throughout this game, the main mission of the player is to keep the citizens happy and create wealth. In addition to keeping the citizens happy and creating wealth, the player has to run strategic campaigns. While…

Pony Island is an action-adventure and psychological horror video game developed by Daniel Mullins Games. This game is set in a fictional land in which the player has to act as a Pony-named character. The story of the game is that a deadly creature is trying to claim the soul of the player. Throughout the game, the player has to reach the endpoint of the game and avoid all the traps. While playing the game the player has to defeat…

The Republia Times is an adventure, management, puzzle, and role-playing video game developed by Lucas Pope. During the gameplay, the player has to play the role of editor. Throughout the game, the player has to work for the Times named newspaper where he is responsible for the story sections. While playing this game, the player has the authority to remove and add stories in the newspaper. This game has various levels in which the player has to complete various levels.…


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