How To Get A Free Carfax Report - Simple Steps

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People prefer buying used cars as they can save some extra money on their car purchases. However, buying a used car is not a simple process and requires a lot of due diligence and research about the car’s history before making the final decision about buying the used car.

One tool that helps people buy used cars is the Carfax report; it is responsible for providing the detailed history of the vehicle, which includes details about the accidents, repairs, and other useful information.

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Ways to get a free Carfax Report

You can find the free Carfax report from these three options:

Car Dealers

Carfax reports are available for free on the websites of many used-car dealers. In the absence of a link to a free report, Carfax recommends contacting the dealer to request one. It may also be possible to obtain reports by visiting a car dealership.

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Used-Car Listings

Carfax Report

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Carfax offers a free Carfax report for every car listed on its website. Some websites, such as and, may provide free Carfax reports as part of their listings. When used-car listings do not link to free Carfax reports, Carfax suggests asking the seller for one.

Private Sellers

If you are thinking about purchasing a used car from a private seller, ask them for a free Carfax report. As Carfax points out, the seller might not have a report on the vehicle or may be reluctant to disclose it.

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A Carfax report can be a good start when making a good deal and buying a used car. However, you must consider that information provided by the Carfax can give you an idea about the vehicle’s current market price, which can assist you in making a good deal or negotiating a price with the seller. You must remember that what the Carfax report provides is just an estimate and can be a good starting point for finding the actual value of the vehicle. However, the actual value of the used vehicle can be changed based on different factors, including local market conditions and the physical condition of the car.


Is the Carfax report considered reliable in the case of buying a used car?

Buyers and sellers of cars in the United States extensively use vehicle history reports from Carfax. The accuracy of Carfax reports can vary depending on a few factors, though they are often useful tools for determining a used vehicle’s history and condition. You can use the Carfax report to get important information about the car, but you must do your research as well to make a better purchase.

What should you do after analyzing the vehicle history report?

Carfax can provide you with the vehicle history report, but you cannot rely solely on this report. Here are the following steps you can consider doing before buying the vehicle:

  • Go on for a test drive.
  • Check the maintenance report of the vehicle.
  • Figure out the price on your own before starting the negotiation.
  • Deeply analyze the maintenance and repair costs of the car.

What type of Carfax report provides about the used car?

Carfax report provides all the necessary data about the vehicle used, and this data can help you analyze the current condition of the car. The Carfax report consists of the following information about your car:

  • Major accidents
  • Structural damage
  • Manufacturer recalls
  • Past owners
  • Maintenance history
  • Odometer readings
  • Warranty information