How to Choose the Best Website Builder in 2024

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There are a couple of characteristics of a high-quality web dev company. Today, we’ll tell you about them and explain how to choose the best eCommerce website builder for small businesses for you. Let’s dive in.

Criteria to Compare

There are multiple criteria to compare. We’ll start with the prominent characteristics and move to the less obvious ones.

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Reputation and Budget

These are apparent points so that we won’t pay much attention to them. Google the company and check the reviews about it. They can be bought, so the best method to learn whether the firm is of great stature is to ask your colleagues or check reviews on trusted sources like Also, check if the company’s service is too expensive for you.

Let’s compare an advanced company and a non-experienced one:

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Choosing the experienced team Choosing the newbies in web development
✅ Know its field inside out ❌ Don’t know all the tricky aspects of web development
✅ Have a positive/negative reputation proven by reviews ❌ Don’t have a proven reputation
❌ Expensive service ✅ Cheap service
❌ A lot of customers, you’re not guaranteed to wait for a short time as they become available ✅ Are free for new customers
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Determine which website builder is best for you: skilled one or not?

Portfolio and Experience

Firms have a couple of websites in their portfolio. Look at them. If you don’t like them, choose another company. Also, check the field of business the team works with. If it builds websites for the domain of medical science, but you need the website in the tutoring area, the company could fail to meet your customers’ demands. That’s all because they don’t know how to build an attractive website for people seeking a tutor.

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What you can ask by looking at work examples:

  • What is the retention rate of the website?
  • How did the customer’s sales grow after building this website?
  • How much time did you spend on this website?

Apart from the portfolio, the company’s website can contain several clients’ logos. The more famous they are, the better.

The gallery of clients’ logos on Blue Fountain Media

If there’s no portfolio on the website, check it on Clutch. Trusted website design companies always have it there.

Work examples of 500 Designs

After that, you can ask about the experience of the team. You can ask about their degree, certificates from online courses, etc.

How Fast Do They Answer

Web design services can have high-quality websites in their portfolio. They can claim that one of their values is customer focus. However, your attempt to connect with them fails as they answer for three days or more on your email.

In this case, it’s better to pick another company as a long response means that this one doesn’t care about its customers.

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Are Social Media Alive

If the company doesn’t tell its followers about changes in cost, approach, the key figures in its team, etc., on social media, it could be a red flag. If the last post on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram was a year ago, this company could cease to exist.

Best Web Design Companies

So let’s explore some of the companies.


Brief information:

  • Cost per hour: $100-$149
  • Years of experience: 15+
  • Key clients: McDonald’s, ShopWorn, Brown University

Dotlogics’ communication model is based on the statement, “The more feedback we receive, the better.” Be sure you’ll be aware of all changes in the work strategy.

Blue Mountain Media

Brief information:

  • Cost per hour: $150-$199
  • Years of experience: 19+
  • Famous customers: New York University, Hartz, Service King

Blue Mountain Media boasts a happy team and knows how to draw customers to a website.

500 Designs

Brief information:

  • Cost per hour: $100-$149
  • Years of experience: 5+
  • Famous customers: Google, UFC Gyms, Fortium Partners

500 Designs was ranked as number 2 among the fastest-growing Design agencies. It has Google in its list of customers, so that you can try it.

Bop Design

Brief information:

  • Cost per hour: $150-$199
  • Years of experience: 14+
  • Famous customers: Seequelle, Spinnaker Support, Atila

This firm is focused on B2B customers and develops websites for FinTech, Industrial, Medical, and Software companies.


Brief information:

  • Cost per hour: $100-$149
  • Years of experience: 27+
  • Famous customers: Verizon, US Botanic Garden, Giant Foods

For the last five years, this firm generated $3 billion in revenue for its clients. Its profile is gold verified on Clutch, which proves its reputation. We’ve taken a look at some website designing and development companies of great stature. You have examples of trusted firms to partner with. So pick the one which appeals to you most.