How Many Tokens Should I issue for my Crypto?

A cryptocurrency token is a digital asset that may stand in for many different things and is created via a smart contract on a blockchain like Ethereum. Most well-known cryptocurrencies and tokens are most popular on Bitcoin Trading Software. These tokens often function within the creator’s project, from providing platform discounts to acting as project shares. Although there are many different kinds of tokens, the majority may be divided into two groups: utility tokens and security tokens.

Within a decentralized application, utility tokens serve some purpose, such as providing discounts or incentives to hold onto the token. With security tokens, you can participate in the project’s success because the token’s value is correlated with the project’s or application’s success.

On several exchanges, a large number of tokens are up for trade. If you already have enough Bitcoin, trading for some tokens should be relatively straightforward. DAI and Chainlink, two of the more well-known tokens on the market right now, are both based on the Ethereum network.

Features of Cryptocurrency Tokens

We’ve now proved that anyone can virtually construct their crypto token on any blockchain, except the bitcoin blockchain, which only supports its operations using Bitcoin, the crypto king of all digital coins. Unfortunately, you can’t make a bitcoin token, but read on for a solution. We currently have between 6,000 and 7,000 crypto tokens as a result. A popular cryptocurrency tracking tool reports little more than 7,000 tokens.

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Issuing Tokens on Ethereum

The Ethereum network enables even non-programmers to create tokens. Utilize the load button or the Folder icon to download both files to the Ethereum Remix editor. Enter the chosen information from the first paragraph in the NewToken.sol file that has been opened in the Ethereum Remix editor in place of the variable values (in triangular brackets):

  • Token issue: total supply;
  • token full name: name; the number of decimal places for crushing value
  • decimal (since everything is stored in contracts only in whole numbers, you must specify the number of characters to be able to credit an integer number of tokens)
  • Token exchange ticker symbol

After storing the entered data, deploy the token contract code using the client installed in the browser, such as MetaMask. Although the Ethereum Remix editor allows compilation, he is unaware of how to achieve it. To achieve this, click the Start to compile button on the Compile tab, which is located on the right side of the editor. The compilation will occur automatically if you enter a “label” value in a nearby field.

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The Gas limit and Value fields below must be filled in before clicking Create. The account from which the deployment will take place is loaded automatically, reading the data from the page. Click “Submit” to make an entry in the blockchain. To deploy a smart contract using the MetaMask client, select the Run tab and the Injected Web3 sub-item in the Remix editor.

The contract has been executed. An icon representing a “document” and the “Contract published” inscription serves as the client’s status indicator. You are taken to the page where payment transactions are made when you click on it. The sender and recipient’s respective account numbers must be provided for the payments in the new token.

Token operations can be carried out either on the Ethereum Remix page or the etherscan’s contract page (link in MetaMask). Pink denotes paid recording operations; blue denotes unpaid reading operations. You must give the recipient’s address and the number of tokens to transfer. The balance of operation must be started for account balance checking following the transaction.

Final Thoughts

You just created a cryptocurrency token on your own. I haven’t been able to put a token together any easier than this. But this is only the token-generating process; it is not a contract for a crowd sale. I’ll be posting a new tutorial soon. You’ve just unlocked some abilities related to blockchain, and I hope this has piqued your curiosity in learning more about this fascinating field. But keep in mind that enormous power also comes with great responsibility. I hope you put your ideas to good use and avoid becoming another con artist.