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Home Quest is an adventure and stylized video game developed by codeSTREAM. In this game, the player finds himself in an unknown place and he has to provide farms and build houses for people. In addition to providing farms and houses, the player can also provide military facilities and create workplaces.

While playing, you have to expand your settlements and keep an eye on resources, Furthermore, the player has to conquer the lands and fight against the enemies. To defeat the enemies, the player has to recruit his army and choose units. The game supports single-player mode so the player cannot play it with friends.

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  • Build houses for people
  • Provide military facilities
  • Create workplaces
  • Expand settlements
  • Keep an eye on resources
  • Conquer the lands
  • Fight against the enemies
  • Recruit army
  • Supports single-player mode
  • Available to play without internet
  • Pretty well-made mechanics
  • Free to play
  • No ads
  • Incredibly well game

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