Hidden Objects: Mystery Crimes

Hidden Objects: Mystery Crimes is the Storm8 Studios’ best puzzle and hidden object video game for iOS and Android released in 2014. Set into the shoes of a brilliant detective and involve yourself in solving puzzle cases in this hidden object game. The goal is to investigate cases, hunt down clues, and expose the hidden motives of criminals that the cop can’t catch. Find objects hidden in multiple places and proof in retina display scenes.

The game includes a series of locations, from subway terminal to sunny park. As the detective, the player must find objects, explore locations, enhance skills, unravel the mystery, interrogate suspiciously, solve murders, and adopt a companion. Enjoy its cool features and have fun.


  • Detective
  • Hidden Objects
  • Point-and-Click
  • Perplexing Cases
  • Crime Scenes
  • First-person
  • Single-player

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