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Hero Voicer is an online utility through which you can alter your voice in plenty of voice effects and use recordings wherever you want. If you want to sound like a complete different person or thing, Hero Voicer helps you being entirely a different person on phone or computers. It’s an online program to allow any PC (with Windows XP) to modify sounds in different pitches.

If you are thinking of changing voices live in Skype, it helps you fulfill your efforts regarding that as well. Now altering voice in Skype or other communication or social applications is so easy and simple. Hero Voicer – Voice Changer helps you make prank calls to your friends and family members and see their hilarious reactions that way.

Enjoy making yourself sound like a robot, alien, girlish, boy, old man, women, silence, radio voice, and various other effects instantly. For adding more and genuine fun, start adding sound effects of rain falling and let them feel the things actually happening in the backgrounds.


  • Plenty of fun sounds
  • Prank Call maker
  • Sound Changer options
  • Background sound effects
  • Change voice while ongoing calls

Sites like Hero Voicer