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HelpDesk is a free business and commerce website using which you can automatically build a better bond with customers. With the help of this site, you can manage all your customers’ messages in one place. Using this site, people can smarten up their workflow and provides swift customer support. It enables users to resolve tickets automatically and save time in solving complex cases.

The site provides canned responses so you can streamline your resolution rate. To use this site, people have to log in by entering their business email and password. This site brings all the communication channels in a single dashboard and manages all customer’s messages. Furthermore, this site enables users to understand customers deeply by browsing their previous conversations.

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  • Build a better bonds with customers
  • Manage messages of customers
  • Smarten up workflow
  • Swift customer support
  • Streamline resolution rate
  • Manage all customer’s messages
  • Browse previous conversations of customers

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OneChat is a free social networking and productivity app developed by ShOC Developer. This collaboration tool is designed to provide a robust chat and file-sharing capability. With this app's help, people can immediately reply to Facebook comments and chats. In this app, you can create high-engagement campaigns to increase your engagement to 10x. The app has an auto private message feature that automatically replies to someone's comments on Facebook. You have to set answers and keywords on the app, so…

Provide Support is a free communication app and online service developed by Provide Support, LLC. With the help of this app, people can chat with the visitors of their website. Using this app, people can proactively sell their products and provide online customer support. This app has a browser-based operator console so the users can monitor all the chat request from anywhere. Furthermore, the site enables you to make live chat as an integral part by selecting the right chat…

Zoho Desk is free social media management, business, and commerce app developed by Zoho Corporation. This app is specially designed for businesses to manage their customer services. People can use this app to make changes, such as adding new departments, customizing email templates, and renaming tabs. The app has customer interaction ability so that users can interact with customers from multiple mediums like email and social media platforms. Furthermore, it provides people with training in videos, documentation, and webinars. Zoho…

Live2Support is a free business and commerce website that provides live chat support for businesses. With the help of this site, people can engage themselves with their customers. In addition to engaging with customers, people can drive online business sales via this site. This website provides its users with almost 207 help desk solutions. The site has a team of helpdesk software enthusiasts who advise users without any obligations. It has real-time visitor monitoring and enables people to chat with…

Pure Chat is a free social, business, and commerce app developed by Ruby Receptionists. Using this app, people can chat with all the visitors to their sites. It enables users to send immediate replies to visitors by creating canned responses. With the help of this app, you can reply to the customer’s queries about multiple issues. Furthermore, the app has a visitor section that provides all the information about visitors, such as names, numbers of visits, and location. It has…

HubSpot Service Hub is a free business and commerce app developed by HubSpot, Inc. With the help of this app, business owners can grow their businesses. It enables businesses to improve customer service and create more leads. In addition to improving customer service and creating more leads, businesses can keep track of their performance and sales. Furthermore, users can design beautiful email campaigns and send them to others. The users of this app can access their business notes, deals, and…


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