3 Games Like Sara is Missing

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Sara goes disappear under mysterious circumstances, and it’s your duty to find her. Use her mobile, to search for clues by reading her personal messages of Sara, emails, and investigating pictures, notes, and videos while struggling to combine pieces of her final days.

Need to unlock password-protect files, unearth hidden messages and recover lost data and figure out what she did, where she went, and how someone can kidnap Sara without any trace.

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Multiple ending depends on the actions taken by the player.  You receive multiple calls during the gameplay from non-player characters and mysterious callers. Send and receive videos to other discovers clues and navigate each area of the phone to find out Sara.

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Looking for Similar Games to Sara is Missing, here are some Alternatives of Sara is Missing Available.

1. A Normal Lost Phone

A Normal Lost Phone

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A Normal Lost Phone is about manipulating the intimacy of an unknown being whose mobile was discovered by the player.

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The game lets the player lead the phone of the missing person and find him by searching messages, pictures, videos, applications, and former owner. By using the phone, the player finds scam messages, friends, relationships, and family, until when he turned eighteen and goes disappears mysteriously.

An epic story is featured that the player will unearth in the game to find clues and combine them to locate the trace and find the missing person to complete his levels. Want to become a detective or investigator, then you should try this game to fulfill your wishes.

2. ReplicaReplica

Get ready for exciting Pixel Graphics, Puzzle, Adventure and Indie Video Games like Sara Is Missing for thrilling games. The game provides the phone of the unknown person to the player to investigate the case and find clues about this missing person.

The player must interrogate the clues to capture the terrorist, who hacked the account of the missing person. He has to search out the contacts, read messages, emails, notes, and other documents to reach the person and become the best detective.

Puts himself into insane detective experience and proves himself as the state’s greatest patriot. 12 possible ending with eight achievements are featured to unlock. Check out the game and have fun.

3. Her Story

Her Story

Her Story is an interactive movie-based video game by Sam Barlow. The game involves the gamer in a complex case, in which the player needs to find and filter a video clips’ database from police records and interviews, and can use them to solve the missing man’s complex case.

The focus of the police is on the wife of the missing person, named Hannah Smith. The game beings with an old desktop, consisting of several programs and files. Several levels are featured with increasing difficulty, depending on the progress of the player. Become a detective, unleash the skills, use wits, and dominate each level to prove his abilities. Best of luck.

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