9 Fireside Alternatives

Fireside Alternatives

Fireside comes with the facility of robust podcast hosting as well as podcasts analytics for podcasters by podcasters, Since 2016. Fireside: Powerful Podcast hosting & Analytics App contains all the significant and necessary functionalities that are needed to take your podcasts to the next level.

Every podcast gets a responsive, beautiful website with episode pages, custom pages, your images, redirects, guest and host pages, and much more over here. It contains and provides a massive amount of data about unique downloads of podcast hosting and download tracking systems.

Fireside can also import your already created podcasts from almost all the podcast platforms or custom RSS feed within seconds. Apart from it, you can also import podcasts from any valid Podcast RSS feed because it supports custom importers for all platforms including AudioBoom, Buss Sprout, Anchor, Blubrry, PodBean, Podiant, SimpleCast, SoundCloud, and more.


  • Powerful podcast hosting
  • Get podcast Analytics
  • Import podcasts freely
  • Seamless transfer
  • Various supported podcast RSS feeds

Apps like Fireside


1. Twitter Spaces

Apps like Twitter Spaces

Twitter Spaces lets you talk about what you think and observe or even listen to live audio conversations whenever you want. Reach plenty of live spaces at the top of your timeline, making it effortless for people to join yours. People can instantly connect live audio conversations of people from all over the world and connect with your audience in a new way. You can intuitively decide who can speak and when to talk and control your spaces in the…

2. Cappuccino

Cappuccino Alternatives

Cappuccino app contains fun and intuitive way to share your audio stories, crack audio jokes, life updates, and more with close family members and friends. Spoon: Livestream Music & Chat is a fine product of Olivier Desmoulin app that lets you listen to audio stories from friends and family members. Listen to your Cappuccino that is the mix of the beans of your friends and family members every morning at 8 am. Cappuccino: Podcast w/ Friends app lets you have…

3. Yac

Yac Alternatives

Yac lets you listen to voice messages, audio clips, and other crucial audio recordings from your teammates and skim transcripts for easy reading. Yac: Voice Messaging App lets you see your whole team and easily messages them on the move to ensure an instant and secure connection. Voice messages over this platform are quickest and you can get the most secure way to reach your team whenever you are away from your desktops or offices. You can instantly share annotated…

4. Spoon

Spoon alternatives

Spoon app lets you listen to audio creators, musicians, shows, and other online speakers from all over the world and have a fun time. Spoon: Livestream Chat & Music is a superb social audio platform loved by millions of people and keeps on growing on a daily basis. It's an interactive social audio livestream platform that enables you to get your voice heard. You can host as well as discover music, ASMR, anime, record, podcasts, and other audio conversations and…

5. Riffr

Riffr Alternatives

Riffr is a social platform for micro-podcasts named as riffs that are spontaneous, timely, and thought-provoking as well as fun to interact with. Riffr - Social (Micro) Podcasting App contains the latest design through which people can have fun and interactively audio podcasts whenever, wherever they want. Users can elegantly create networks by following the bunch of people they adore and hear their thoughts, imaginations, and recordings whenever they updated. It makes it effortless to explore hot topics and search…

6. Anchor

Anchor Alternatives

Anchor app contains one of the most simple, straightforward, and effortless ways of making podcasts and delivering them to the entire world in seconds, brought to you by Spotify. Anchor - Make your own podcast App makes it effortless to create your own podcasts, distribute them with the global community, host it online, and share it to plenty of listening platforms. Growing your audience as well as monetizing your episodes are additional great factors of this platform so you don’t…

7. Leher

Leher Alternatives

Leher is a platform where live discussions from all over the world are held and people love to listen to it whenever, wherever. Leher: Drop-in Live Audio/Video Discussion lets you have live discussions, drop into club rooms, and discuss with your friends, family members, communities, and networks. Users can join live discussions and start clubs around the topics they love and meet extraordinary folks from and grow their network along with their mentality. Leher Live Discussion Network lets you get…

8. Stereo

Stereo Alternatives

Stereo contains one of the coolest scenarios of discovering and joining authentic, information, exciting, jaw-dropping, fun, and authentic conversations. Stereo: Join the Conversation App welcomes you to discover and get involved in live conversations online, meet beautiful people, share your voice, build a fan base, and speak your heart in the way you want. Stereo: Connect & Listen to Talks App enables you to have fun talking about topics you enjoy and make meaningful connections right away. Making it easy…

9. Clubhouse

Apps like Clubhouse

Clubhouse is a human place on the internet where people come together, share their thoughts and imaginations, and enjoy great conversations. Clubhouse: The Social Audio App is a stunning hallway of hundreds of thousands of discussions on every topic under the sun. Starting from SCUBA diving to social, crypto, comic books, Japanese language, backpacking, fashion, movie clubs, meditation, morning news shows, book clubs, and so much more, Clubhouse brings a bunch of entertainment right to you. You can get to…