10 Duolingo Alternatives

Duolingo is one of the most useful and pleasant tools for beginners and expert users alike. The software provides a variety of learning options, including text, graphics, video, sound, and games

It uses modern technology to tailor every lesson for you, changing the way people learn a language. Advanced intelligent Chatbots can help you practice writing, reading, listing, speaking, and conversing.

You may also track your progress, win awards, and join the world’s greatest language learning community, where everyone helps each other to learn more. It has over 30 different languages, games, intelligent Chatbots chats, and user-friendly interfaces. These are aspects of the platform as well.


  • Advanced Speakers
  • Goal Setting
  • Gamification
  • Sentence building
  • Optimized

Similar to Duolingo


1. EuroTalk

EuroTalk is a UK-based educational publisher that provides interactive language learning software in a wide range of languages, including English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Bulgarian, Bosnian, Danish, Czech, and many others. Choose your preferred language on the main page, and all available items will be shown. It organizes information into categories based on the learner's competency level, such as Beginner, Business, and Intermediate. You may study the language whenever and wherever you choose because there are no time limits. To…

2. Pronunciator

Pronunciator is a fun and free way to learn over 160 languages using music, customized courses, videos, and more, all without putting the learner under any constraints. It provides live online discussion sessions given by teachers from throughout the country, as well as support for university professors and K-12 teachers, in addition to self-guided study. Thousands of instructional videos to help you learn American Sign language, a course to help you prepare for the citizenship exam, tailored courses for over…

3. Anki

Anki is software that helps you remember stuff. Because it is so much more efficient than traditional study techniques, you may either cut down on the amount of time you spend studying or boost the quantity you learn. Synchronization and optimization are features of this software. Anki is useful for everybody who needs to recall things in their everyday lives. The possibilities are unlimited because it is content-agnostic and allows pictures, music, videos, and scientific markup (through LaTeX). You can…

4. LingQ

LingQ allows you to improve and expand your linguistic abilities. English, Korean, Romanian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Greek, Polish, Latin, Arabic, Finnish, Turkish, and many other languages are presently supported. It quickly progresses everyone from the novice to expert. You may memorize quickly by listening to podcasts and repeating the words LingQ provides a Playlist to help students learn a new language in a fun way. The app is intended to work without a connection, and all updates are synced once…

5. Lingvist

Lingvist is an adaptive language-learning platform that includes courses in English, French, Russian, Estonian, and German, among others. It is one of the greatest alternatives to Rosetta Stone, and it includes all of the same courses as Rosetta Stone, as well as some new ones. The platform is also regarded as being the quickest and most convenient way to pick up new languages. Step-by-step learning, exercises, knowledge mapping, language structure, challenges, vocabulary builder, and much more are all included in…

6. Mondly

Mondly is the greatest language learning application tool, allowing you to quickly learn 33 languages. Spanish, English, Japanese, Chinese, Slovak, Bengali, French, Afrikaans, Romanian, Catalan, Danish, Ukrainian, and many others are among the languages available. Using this tool, you can be solving language activities for speaking, reading, writing, and listening can help you learn rapidly. Every day, it delivers free lessons to help students learn key vocabulary, construct phrases, and engage in conversations. In a short period, the language classes…

7. Busuu

Busuu is a social networking website designed specifically for language learners. It's a premium business model that offers learning modules in up to twelve languages, including English, Spanish, German, and Polish, among others. Grammar modules, Vocabulary Trainer, Official Certificates, Offline Mode, and Conversations are among the features available. Busuu has a chat feature that allows you to connect with other learners from all around the world while also putting your abilities to the test. It offers essential features such as…

8. Memrise

Memrise is a free program that uses sophisticated flashcards, powerful memory methods, spaced repetition, and community sharing to help you learn vocabulary in a variety of languages. It includes French, Swedish, the Koran, Danish, Polish, Russian, and Dutch, among other languages. Each course is divided into several chapters, each with its own set of activities. This solution, which is also available on Android and iOS devices, has over 30 million users globally. This program excels in developing real-time language abilities…

9. Livemocha

Livemocha is a free web application that lets you learn over 15 different languages. The procedure for getting started is rather straightforward. You pick the language you want to study first, followed by your native tongue. After that, it will begin a series of courses with audio clips for the student to listen to and improve their comprehension. For further clarity, Livemocha includes audio text in both the target and native languages. English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Arabic, German, Polish, Turkish,…