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Dread Hunger is a paid action-adventure, survival, strategy, and first-person perspective video game developed by Dread Hunger Team. At the start of the game, the play has to run his ship, and soon he will find that their companions are enemies. After finding that the companions are enemies, the players have to fight against them.

To fight against these enemies and defeat those the players have to make proper strategies. While playing the game, the players have to feed themselves with animals and keep themselves safe from ice. Furthermore, this game supports multiplayer and co-op modes so the players can create play this game with their friends.

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  • First-person perspective game
  • Supports multiplayer mode
  • Shooting strategy
  • Simple gaming controls
  • Supports co-op mode
  • Supports PVP mode

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The addition of RPG game elements gives a guarantee of providing thrilling gameplay that you may have never experienced before. The start of the game stands ahead of a deadly cruse caused by an engine bug. Before purchasing, you should know that the English version isn’t available, yet and you can’t able to load it into the game. Therefore, avoid purchasing at the moment until developers have fixed the engine bug. It serves as the Best Alternative to Deceit, as…

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The perfect mixture of Action-Adventure, Survival-Horror, and Multiplayer game elements brought to you by Section Studios. The premise of the game contains one player assuming the role of a ghost while the remaining players are humans and must avoid being haunted by the ghost to make their survive. The game plays between several players, max 8. Two game types are featured, such as Bounty and Seek & Reap. Both are designed to pit two teams against each other, and the…

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Released in 2019, GFTO brings you close to a Survival Horror video game that was released by 10 Chambers Collective. The start of the game takes you back millions of years in history when a massive asteroid strikes the Earth, causing a massive extinction that eliminated the dinosaurs. Next to that, a team of prisoners is forced to investigate the game by navigating the underground complex built on a site where an asteroid landed to scavenge and carry out complicated…

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Both Single-player and Multiplayer Online PvP, along with Online Co-op gaming modes are there to help you experience all types of gameplay. Get ready to experience psychological horror gameplay where you discover a horrific creature aiming to kill you at any cost; therefore, you should make your survival at any cost, before you are being killed with the hand of a ghost. While moving on, try to reveal mysteries and complete tasks. There are three modes, such as PvP Mode,…

Some Wolflord is offering similar gameplay to Deceit, and it is released with both Online PvP and Online Co-op game modes. Cross-platform players can join each other on a single match, and play the most thrilling game to solve a variety of cases. LizardFactory brings a wonderful piece in the gaming industry and puts you ahead of a terrible curse that has been spreading wildly all over the fair city. Because of the curse, the night becomes longer, and most of…

Navigating the environment using a first-person perspective is tough other than using a third-person viewpoint. You can’t see your character, while seeing the landscape from the perspective of the protagonist, at that time, only hands are visible to you. The thrilling environment full of blood-thirsty creatures won’t let you go until they kill. Moreover, the only aim is to survive until the end of the game. Different weapons are available that help you in killing zombies and other creatures of…



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