Digital Alternatives To Traditional Note Taking

The world is moving, and technology is advancing each day. People are moving from the traditional ways of note-taking to more integrated new digital ones; various apps can enable you to take down copious notes, whether on your tablet, computer, or other devices. There are multiple types of traditional writing, but one stands out and is said to be the most effective, and it never gets old.

It is referred to as the Cornell Method. It was cultivated in the early 50s by Cornell University; in the method, you still use the key point’s method, but this explores further into the organizational skills of the writer. The page consists of three sections; the first is a narrow column referred to as the ‘cue,’ A wide column in which you will indicate your actual notes, and a summary at the bottom.

Applications For Note Taking

If you want to take digital notes, there are various applications you can use. These include applications like a simple note or google keep, among many more. This article lists all the necessary digital alternatives and the best program for taking notes to make your note-taking process easier.

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1. Microsoft One Note

Microsoft OneNote Alternatives

It is a fully featured, completely free note-taking application. Microsoft made this application as a clap back to their competitor app Evernote. They had the advantage since their free app has no monthly premiums. We can even say this is one of the best note-taking apps available for free. It is very incredible when it comes to the task of note-taking. Its notebook layout in the model of a ring binder is divided into sections containing subsections referred to as pages.

A page is a canvas in which you can add any information you would want to note down anywhere you may desire. You can even incorporate images by drag-dropping them anywhere and adding your desired text beside the photo. If your device can support a stylus pen, you can even scribble on the photos, and if you do not have a stylus pen, a mouse can serve the same purpose.

2. Evernote

It is among the top note-taking applications available. It is especially well known due to its audio note recording capabilities. However, the application has monthly premium payments if you want to enjoy all the features offered. However, you can also use an incoming call recorder to ensure you do not forget any information. You might be listening in on lectures via calls, so a call recording app will be handy to ensure you get all the information relayed.

A Call Recorder records calls and convert them into audio on your phone so that you can listen to them later. For iPhone users, there is a Call Recorder for iPhone available. Most call recorders are free to download applications meaning you do not have to incur any extra cost. Searching for Best Evernote Alternatives, we’ve compiled a list for you.

3. Apple Notes

It is an application for apple users founded in macOS and Ios; you can also access it via browser. It has a cloud option to easily access your notes even when you do not physically have your device. It is also easy to use and convenient; it can even integrate with Siri, which is cool if you ask me. But apple notes are not for free; it comes with a monthly premium for the cloud storage offered.


What Can I Do Instead Of Taking Notes?

Instead of taking notes, you can buy a recording device or even download a recording application on your preferred device. All that is required from you is whenever something important of interest is being discussed; you have to hit the record button and record all the necessary information. You can listen to it later to grasp more on what was being discussed.

What Is The Best Way To Take Notes Electronically?

There are various ways in which you can take notes electronically. There is the typing option; you can do this on your laptop, computer, tablet, and any other electronic device with typing capabilities. You can also handwrite the notes using a stylus pen. A stylus pen is a digital pen that can take notes on a particular tablet. You take down these notes as if you are writing; the tablet translates this information and saves it as text form. It is one of the most straightforward ways to take down notes digitally.

You can also record each piece of the critical information you need when it is being spoken of or explained; after recording all this information, you will listen to the information carefully to ensure you grasp each key aspect required to understand. You can also take photos of physically written or printed notes using special applications to decode this information and translate it into digital form.

Is It More Efficient To Take Notes By Hand Or With A Digital Device?

This question can go any of two ways. In terms of efficiency, it all depends on the writer or the intended user of the information. Some people prefer the traditional way of taking down notes, while others prefer the new digital ways. All we can say is that you select the method that best suits you and conforms to your routines and practices.