13 Crypto Price Tracker Alternatives

Crypto Price Tracker is an all-in-one cryptocurrency tracking app that helps you track everything that crypto is up to. View all the latest prices, sleek price fluctuations, set price alerts, monitor your profile, read the latest crypto content, and so much more with ease.

Through exchange API import, it automatically imports your portfolios and trades straight from exchanges you see. The security and usage of this platform are reliable and it does process or analyzes any trading data or information about portfolios.

You will never worry about tracking your micro and small caps ever in your life again. Despite information regarding cryptocurrency, you can also read all the hot articles and latest news about crypto instantly. Crypto Price Tracker


  • Live cryptocurrency tracker,
  • Portfolio overview
  • Sync across devices
  • Crypto news and articles
  • Trendy cryptocurrencies

Similar to Crypto Price Tracker


1. Das Trader

DAS is a Nasdaq market data provider: NSDQ, NQBX, PSX, NSX; ICE Euronext Markets, Chicago Stock Exchanges: Intercontinental Exchanges: NYSE, AMEX,  Markets, Chicago Board of Trade (CBOE): OPRA; Toronto Exchange and Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME Group). DAS is a provider of low-order order confirmation for US Exchanges: CBOE / BATS / EDGE, CBSX, and OTC. DAS Inc provides complete online marketing solutions that include direct access trading apps, browser-based trading, office order management systems, market data feeds, history data, service…

2. Thinkorswim

Thinkorswim brings the most effortless and secure way to access elite-level trading tools and platforms backed by insights, education, and a dedicated trade desk. Through it, users can experience the unparalleled power of a fully customizable trading experience with a design to nail even the toughest techniques and strategies. You can get started over here risk-freely with PaperMoney while testing it to practice your trading strategies without putting any real money on the line. You can trade an array of…

3. Bitcoin Hero

Bitcoin Hero is a free-of-cost Bitcoin trading game or one of the best bitcoin trading simulators where you can trade whenever you want with ease. Dealing with coins like Bitcoin, Dash, Litecoin, Ethereum, and various others, Bitcoin Hero helps you get to know everything flawlessly. It’s a free bitcoin simulator and game for people who want to know the insights of cryptocurrency and know-how to trade its risks freely. You can sell or buy bitcoin, complete it in the leaderboard…

4. Bitcoin Flip

Talking about one of the world's best bitcoin games, Bitcoin Flip is one of the fun, completely free, and realistic games. Bitcoin Flip Investing Game is a free cryptocurrency trading and bitcoin simulator for beginners in the world of trading. It enables you to simulate selling and buying almost all the popular and top cryptocurrencies of the world including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Vechain, Steem, Dogecoin, EOS, and more. It’s the most effective tool for people who are making their…

5. MetaTrader

MetaTrader offers traders investing in currency trading and shares while bringing financial news, FX & stock, technical analysis, online trading, and more. MetaTrader 5 contains a free demo account to help you get to know what it has to offer. Real-time forex and stock market quotes, level two prices with up to 32 quotes, a full set of trade orders, detailed online trading history, and all types of trade execution are available for you to use. MetaTrader - Trading & Technical…

6. Kattana

Kattana Trading Terminal is an elegantly designed and full-fledged platform that gives its users the capability to trade on more than 40 DEXs and CEXs across multiple networks. Some of these networks include Polygon, Ethereum, HECO, BSC, Avalanche, and various others. This cross-chain trading terminal for CEXs and DEXs brings an ultimate all-in-one trading terminal for you to manage things flawlessly. Trading strategy automation, technical analysis, portfolio management, and digital currency trading are its core functions. Using Kattana.io, you can…

7. Crypto Squad

Crypto Squad comes with an easy way, so users can create as well as manage several crypto pools. Initially, crypto devotees from all over the globe are investing on behalf of others, so the platform can help them with managing this process via automatic accounting along with multiple payment gateways for contributors. Crypto Squad can also let its users trade between hundreds of different currencies just by using its integrated exchange with ease. Anyone can get automated trading just by…


Cobinhood is a cryptocurrency exchange company that was shut down on 9 February 2020. One of the best companies allowed their users to exchange cryptocurrency easily. The announcement was made on its official Twitter handle where they had stopped users from making any despot as they had lost all of their funds. Besides, it is offering a textbox on its official site where users can enter their registered email addresses to retrieve their data to see how many transactions they…

9. CoinShilling

CoinShilling is a website that lists the activities of all the top 50 cryptocurrencies on Reddit, Twitter, Telegram, and Steemit. You can, for example, track the number of posts/comments made on Reddit with a specific coin. And see when the interest in certain currencies begins to grow. Security is the backbone of everything we do - all your data is encrypted and inaccessible to anyone, including us. We employ a wide range of security measures and are investigated. Standard security…

10. Tradingview

Tradingview is an extraordinary application that provides the facility to communicate and debate on different topics to learn about the market's ups and downs. Thousands of investors and traders worldwide are present on this platform that helps you make sound and better decisions for your call. This fantastic platform offers excellent opportunities to its users to earn money, don't regret their findings, and earn money with a hundred percent security. There is no need to worry about trading and investment…

11. CoinGecko

CoinGecko Alternatives

CoinGecko provides real-time market data for XRP, Binance Coin, Litecoin, SLP, Etherum, Bitcoin, and more than 8 thousand currencies. CoinGecko - Cryptocurrency Price Tracker App lets you build your own portfolio and track all the losses and profits right away. You can set personalized price alerts and track everything through the widget that it brings for you to measure everything right from the screen, without even opening the app. CoinGecko - Bitcoin Crypto App Fiat support includes AUD, JPY, USD,…

12. Public.com


Public.com app lets you invest any amount of money with ease and extreme precision and enjoy tools for a better investment. Public.com - Stocks & Crypto app makes it effortless to invest your money in stocks, crypto, ETFs, and more right over your Android and iOS cell phones. Public.com - Invest. Build a Portfolio App provides automatic reinvest dividends, lock in long-term investments, submit questions to public company authorities, and listen to daily audio shows to become a great investor.…

13. Coinbase

Coinbase: Buy BTC, Ethereum, SHIB, Bitcoin Cash is a free finance app developed by Coinbase Android. This app is a simple and safe way of buying, trading, storing, and selling cryptocurrency. Using it, you can not only sell and buy cryptocurrency but also build your portfolio. It updates you with crypto news and easily navigate the crypto market. Everyone can easily use and customize this app because of its user-friendly interface. Furthermore, using it, users can earn yield on cryptocurrency…

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