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Cover Your Tracks is an online application-based website that lets users find out how other sites track their website. This platform has a user-friendly interface allows them to access smartphones, Windows, Android, and OS devices. Cover Your Tracks helps users to protect their website from tracking with alternative security tools.

It’s a leading platform for designers, developers, and business workers to track and safeguard sites according to their work needs, enhancing visibility and readability. Cover Your Tracks offers valuable insights into browser data, allowing users to keep their data secure and safe.

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  • Enhances flexibility
  • Seamless users experience
  • Committed to providing high-security
  • Easy to navigate using multiple devices
  • Use only anonymous data


  • Friendly interface
  • Manageable
  • Typeface security
  • Free of cost


  • Slow works
  • Need to read guidelines
  • Internet must

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DNSleaktest is an online leading platform that lets users restore their leaked DNS data with clarity. This tool provides a user-friendly interface allowing business people to access through smartphones and Android and integrate them with popular platforms. DNSleaktest supports various file formats, allowing users to control and check the privacy of DNS from their official site. It's an original platform that enhances and collects information about how to fix leaked DNS according to users' needs and requirements. DNSleaktest is a…

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Privacy Heroes is an online web-based platform and a robust security site that protects you against hacking. This software saves users time and effort in doing specific tasks and helps users defend surveillance and censorship to give a clean result without much hassle. Privacy Heroes has a simple and smooth interface that lets users access using android, windows and other OS devices, and can eliminate waste or unwanted viruses from your page. Privacy Heroes is widely used for business purposes…

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SafetyDetectives is a leading online platform that lets users find the best security software and features. This platform allows users to find the best VPN, password management, and more for complete security. SafetyDetectives offers a user-friendly interface that helps them to navigate using smartphones, Linux, Windows, iPhones, and other OS devices anywhere and anytime with a good internet connection. It's a ringless security-based app that works smoothly and smartly and is used worldwide for business purposes by providing a trustworthy…

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Device Info is a leading online provider application that lets users view the device's components and performances. It's the go-to solution for every user to check the stability of their devices along with every single piece of information. Device Info has an intuitive design and controlled environment to set up and simplify managed data networking without uninterrupted operations. It also helps to improve the working progress of your device by giving specific instructions. Device Info also has a user-friendly interface,…

Riseup is a revolutionary open-source platform that lets users access a security-based platform with different services. It allows users to communicate and share data without data mining issues and provides a seamless experience. Riseup provides a basic setup for collaboration and communication with changing tools that are easy to access using multiple devices. Riseup provides a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to change their online activity using alternative platforms. In addition, it offers a seamless working experience to its users for…


PRISM Break is a web-based online software that provides data security and data surveillance with a visual appearance. It's a powerful restoration application that gives precise control to secure data according to users' requirements and needs. PRISM Break is an open-source toolbox that provides practical work with a seamless, real-world, face experience that won't damage its security. It offers a user-friendly interface and has an intuitive design display that lets users access using their multiple devices with a good internet…


PrivacyTools.io is a leading web-designing tool powered by Google itself that lets users easily integrate high-quality tools and privacy security. It's the best place for beginners and professionals to improve their skills in doing seamless work like designing and developing. PrivacyTools.io has a user-friendly interface that lets them access using multiple devices like Android, iOS, and Mac. It's like a server that provides tools to get end encryption-based websites and guidelines. PrivacyTools.io offers monitoring tools to get the latest activation…

Browserleaks Is a database of multiple tools that provides users with Multiple tests to check the security and privacy of their Web browsers. The main focus of Browserleaks is to prevent browsers from taking users, IP address information. Hence, it detects the browser's issues by identifying if it brings information about a user's devices, fingerprints, and IP addresses. After identifying these issues, Browserleaks provides users with the solutions to avoid all these issues. It gives the best Ways to minimize…



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