Close to the Sun

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Close to the Sun is an adventure, indie, and simulation video game developed by Storm in a Teacup. This game occurred in 1897 in the Helios, deep in international waters. The game’s story is that Rose Archer, a journalist, enters the Helios to search for her missing sister, Ada. Throughout this game, the player has to guide Rose on her journey to find her sister.

To guide Rose on her journey, you have to use your ideas. While searching for the sister, the character has to face various dangers in her way. During the gameplay, the player has to help the character overcome the risks and understand the inhabitants. In this game, the player has to uncover the hidden secrets of Wardenclyffe and its workers.

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In addition to uncovering the secrets of Wardenclyffe and its workers, you must learn about various collectibles. This game has multiple locked secret areas the player must unlock while playing. Furthermore, while playing the game, the player has to solve different challenging puzzles. The game enables the player to roam and navigate the game world freely. This post lets you get some of the best game alternatives to Close to the Sun.


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  • Visually stunning environment
  • Open-world game
  • Guide rose on her journey
  • Face various dangers
  • Understand the inhabitants
  • Uncover the secrets of Wardenclyffe
  • Find out various collectibles
  • Various locked secret areas
  • Solve various challenging puzzles

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