8 Christmas Tree Alternatives – Everything You Need to Know

Christmas Tree Alternatives

As started with the history, it goes back to the usage as symbolic of evergreens in the ancient age of Rome and Egypt. With the continuity in the tradition of Germans, candlelit Christmas trees were brought in the 1800s to America.

The Christmas tree has resembled the premature celebrations of the winter solstice of Queen Victoria’s decorating habits and now this includes the annual lighting of the Rockefeller Center tree, placed in New York City. Before the arrival of Christianity, plants and trees which remained green all of the year gives a special meaning in the winter for people.

Just as nowadays, people are decorating their houses during the festive season with spruce, pine, and fir trees. As the knowledge about the ancient peoples, they hung evergreen boughs over the doors and windows of their homes.

In various countries, there is a faith that evergreens can keep away ghosts, witches, illness, and evil spirits.

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What is a Christmas Tree?

A Christmas tree is known as an evergreen tree that often consists of a pine or a fir, which is decorated with ornaments and lights also taken as a part of Christmas festivities. They are based on the fresh-cut tree, potted, or an artificial Christmas tree which can be used as indoor or outdoor decorations.

These trees are traditionally related to Christianity, but the modern use includes the laic perspective on a large scale. Various families should place many presents around the Christmas tree, which are opened on Christmas Day or Christmas Eve.

Christmas Tree – Types

There are a variety of trees that are also available on the “Christmas tree shop” or “Christmas tree farms”, so the people can easily get them from there instead of cutting them from the forest by themselves. Some of them are as follows:

  • Balsam Fir
  • Douglas Fir
  • Fraser Fir
  • Colorado Blue Spruce
  • Canaan Fir
  • White Spruce
  • White Fir
  • Norway Spruce
  • Scots Pine/Scotch Pine
  • Eastern White Pine
  • Eastern Red Cedar
  • Korean Fir
  • Cork bark Fir

Competing claims in Northern Europe

Countries like Estonia and Latvia are claiming that they were the home to the first Christmas tree. As Latvia has its tradition of Christmas tree back to 1510,

When the House of the Black Heads known as the merchant guild carried a tree through the city for decoration, and then later the tree is burned down by them.

While, Estonia claims that they have evidence of a matching festival, which is hosted by the same guild in the capital city Tallinn in 1441. But, there is no strong evidence through which the first home is to be finalized from them.

What are the Alternatives to Christmas Trees?

Christmas tree decorations are as complicated as choosing the right cloth to wear because there are so many choices in front of the person while decorating.

The mind of the person is full of Christmas tree ideas, so he will select the most suitable one from them. Alternatives can be based on the situation of the place and the traditional value of that area. Some of the alternatives to the Christmas tree are given below:

1. Bottle Brush Trees

Bottle Brush Tree

If the person has a small space to decorate he should arrange a miniature forest of bottle brush trees.

The Ombre effect of the letter ‘H’ is for Happy and the Bottle Brush Tree Christmas takes only 9-Inch space for decoration. This is easily available at Bed Bath & Beyond, which is a spin on the color palette of a traditional holiday. The bottle brush trees are displayed for a happy holiday mantel in a range of hues.

2. Lampshade Christmas Trees

Lampshade Christmas Trees

If there is nothing suitable for the Christmas tree, then a few old lampshades can be used. They can easily use it to make an alternative Christmas tree. The person has to gather up lampshades with an old broom handle. There is an addition of a vintage cookie tin so that there is a truly delightful and unexpected tree will be made.

3. A Garland-Wrapped Ladder

A Garland-Wrapped Ladder

For a modest Christmas tree with an aesthetic of Scandinavian inspiration. The wooden ladder should be leaned against the wall, after that it will be embellished with a faux pine garland and a pair of velvet stockings. For adding the scent of real pine, a few sprigs will be combined with the real stuff into the garland, so that the room is filled with the familiar aroma.

4. Tree Print

Tree Print

To make this type of alternative, take a photo of a charismatic tree and maximize it to a large-scale print even at your office-printing store. A long wooden dowel is to be attached to it and then hang like a tapestry with the help of a tight string.

The print of a tree is been left as its original form, or additional ornaments will be attached to it also with a string or tape directly to the tree.

5. A Chalkboard Tree

Chalkboard Tree

It is to make a bigger commitment by which the wall or some part of it is designated as the chalkboard wall. The coat of chalkboard paint is applied to the area and after dried, it will change up to drawings and decorations according to the season.

There is also a hand-drawn fireplace with the tree to create a whimsical vignette. Putty or tape is used to fix Christmas lights, a pair of stockings, and leaves in the frame to enhance its 3-D effect. The entire scene is finished with a pleasant lounge area in front of that wall.

6. Pineapple Christmas Trees

Pineapple Christmas Trees

For the display of tabletop or countertop holiday, the pineapple should make a splash when it is mixed with the creativity on it. Fresh pineapple is sprayed with festive colors, for giving a more sophisticated look to it, the gold or silver color may be chosen.

For adding the extra craft, tiny ornaments from the leaves will be hung on it or wrap the Pineapple’s base with twinkle lights. The pineapples would be ended in four to five days, so this is saved as the alternative Christmas tree.

7. Modern Greenery Tree

Modern Greenery Tree

Modern Greenery Tree is a solution for the person, who wants to get the fragrance of fresh pine without having a tree or not to rely on the scented candle.

For this type of alternative, an extra-long wooden dowel is to be taken and changed into graduated sizes by cutting to make a tree of triangular shape.

Fresh evergreen branches or rosemary are then glued to the dowels. After the dried process, wooden pieces are attached to the wall with painter’s tape.

8. Recycled Holiday Card Tree

Recycled Holiday Card Tree

Holiday cards from the last year are used to form the triangular body of a tree and one vertical mailer is taken for the stump. A loose arrangement is firstly created on the floor to form a shape that is willing by the person.

The shape is then attached to the wall with the safety by using a loop of tape on each of the card’s backs. The position should also be arranged above a solace table and the surface is used to heap and hoard the gifts below.

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Christmas trees that may find their origin in the tradition of Lutheran Christians are now been used in many sects of Christian including the Catholic and Methodist Churches.  These are used to decorate churches. During the liturgical season of Advent means during the period of Christmastide, these are used for decoration, so the Christmas tree is displayed by the Christian churches for promoting their tradition to others. In the year 2005, the spruce tree which is used to decorate Boston was renamed by the city to a “Holiday Tree” instead of a “Christmas Tree”. The change in name was reversed by them after they were threatened, based on several lawsuits. The tree has religious-based importance to the believers because it is taken as the good omen by them. This tradition is started a long time ago, followed with regularity at present, and has a strong faith to continue in the future as well.