8 Calendly.com Alternatives

Calendly.com Alternatives

Calendly.com lets you book meetings without the back and forth, create simple rules about when you can meet, share a link with your available times to meet, get notified when someone books time with you, and so much more. Calendly: Meeting Scheduling App brings easy setup of meetings while managing everything needed.

All you need to do is to let everyone know your availability preferences and let it does the rest. You can instantly copy the link that you’ve generated here, paste them into an email, or save your time while you are away from your devices. Calendly Mobile – Schedule meetings with ease also brings scheduling functionality where you can pick a time and add the event to your calendar.

Its a free Business meeting and appointment scheduling app developed by Calendly Inc. This app enables users to schedule demos, appointments, interviews, and calls without using old ways like phone tags and email. For working on this app, you have to let it know your availability preferences.

Users can copy their Calendly links and paste them into text, email, or any other app to save their time. For avoiding double-booking, you can integrate this app with Microsoft Office 365, Outlook, and Google. Users can create screen event types, prevent last-minute meetings, and set buffer time between appointments. Furthermore, it works with your apps like Google Meet, GoToMeeting, Zapier, and Zoom.


  • Automatic and custom notifications
  • Calendar integrations
  • Modern interface
  • Team Schedules
  • Time zone intelligent
  • Calendar integration
  • Flexible support
  • Works with apps
  • Set buffer time between meeting
  • Best meeting scheduling app
  • Book meeting in a swipe

Calendly.com Alternatives


1. When2meet

When2Meet deals with an occasion-based planning marketplace that provides better services when its users can get together with their friends by organizing numerous plans for meetups. This platform can make it easy for its clients to find new individuals to spend time with and coordinate trips with a single click. It can even permit its customers with the modern schedule programs that can quickly work on booking and occasion arranging in real-time. When2meet also facilitates its users to shuffle timetables…

2. Zvite

Zvite is one of the alluring programs that offers a speedy and successful method for planning gatherings, causing users to speed up their business in a fitting way. Users can send a mechanized email to their valuable clients and choose the best time for their gathering so they can save their time. It is utterly viable with the Google schedule, consequently distinguishes the time regions of visitors, and contains meeting openings because of the neighborhood time. Zvite works with its…

3. Workbase

Workbase Alternatives

Workbase keeps your entire business organized while letting your share tasks, notes, schedules, and more to keep everyone synced and working at their best. Workbase - Tasks & Schedule is loved by plenty of small and moderate businesses because it makes it easy to track, use, and manage everything that needs to be done properly. You can create tasks and lists to manage everything that needs to be done and share stuff on the devices of other team members to…

4. Xoyondo

Xoyondo is a free productivity website and meeting, event, and appointment scheduling software. This website is mainly designed to manage and organize meetings, events, set appointments, and gather people for conversation. Apart from organizing and scheduling meetings, this platform works as a polling platform for businesses and organizations. It helps organizations in finding common opinions among participants and seeking prevailing views from workers. Using this platform, now people can easily find a date for events like a class reunion, birthday…

5. Framadate

Framadate is a free and open-source poll maker, meeting, and appointment scheduling software. Using this platform, users can easily schedule and manage conferences, appointments, and events. This platform is the most vibrant and reliable way of presenting your poll in front of the audience. With the help of this app, users can capture the views of the audience in real-time. This platform is compatible with many browsers, including safari, Opera, Microsoft internet explorer, Google Chrome. Any registration is not required…

6. Nextcloud

Nextcloud is a free and open-source productivity application developed by Nextcloud. Using it, you can access all your files and share them with others. This app supports multiple accounts by which users can enjoy ultimate service without any limitations. With the help of this app, people can access their essential data without the internet. It enables users to upload their videos and photos taken by their devices rapidly. Nextcloud provides users with hundreds of editing tools that are used for…

7. Dudle

Dudle is a free and open-source event, meeting, and appointment scheduling application. With the help of this app, users can easily manage and schedule meetings and events. It enables people to create surveys and share them with many people quickly and conveniently.  Using this app, you can not only manage and schedule events but also ask about the alternative of something. This app is used in two ways: either set up your Dudle server or use the application. To use…

8. Doodle-Easy Scheduling

Doodle-Easy scheduling is a free productivity application and calendar tool developed by Doodle.com. Using it, people can schedule meetings with their colleagues, partners, clients, team members, and friends. With the help of this app, people can manage their time and find the best time for any event. To participate in this platform, you do not need an account or app. It saves the time of its users as they can just set up one poll instead of writing numerous messages.…