7 Azure Multi-Factor Authentication Alternatives

Azure Multi-Factor Authentication is a professional security and privacy program that gives you an extra layer of protection against identity theft. The program appears to be highly functional because, after logging in with your password, you must either enter a code sent to your phone or scan your fingerprint. There will be an unsecured vector to attack if you just utilize a password for user authentication.

With the entire identity criteria, the program adds to the security, and your security will be much more noticeable with an extra element. Azure Multi-Factor Authentication assists you in safeguarding your data and apps while retaining user convenience.


  • Two-factor authentication
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
  • Multiple Account support
  • Time-based One-time Password
  • Authenticator App

Similar to Azure Multi-Factor Authentication


1. Yubico

Yubico Authenticator allows its global users to save TOTP and HOTP compatible credentials on a YubiKey and carry them with them at all times. Yubico Authenticator is a fantastic program developed by Yubico Inc. that allows users to save OATH credentials for Google Apps, Amazon, Hotmail, Dropbox, Microsoft, and a variety of other platforms. Even if your mobile phone is compromised, you can perfectly safeguard all of your credentials by saving them on an OATH-enabled YubiKey. These OTPS are utilized…

2. IBM Security Access Manager

IBM Access Manager is an all-in-one identity and access management platform that includes a suite of technologies for securely extending data centers to the Internet. Customers may use this solution to govern access and usage rights across a variety of resources, such as file servers, websites, databases, e-mail, Web Services, application hosting, apps, Web content, mobile devices, virtual machines, and more. Its robust network security safeguards networks, individual PCs, services, and businesses. With multi-cloud compatibility, it comes with the necessary…

3. Google Authenticator

To provide a higher degree of security, the Google Authenticator software neatly creates two-step verification tokens on your mobile phones and tablets. Google Authenticator is a fantastic tool launched by Google LLC to increase the degree of security for your Google Account by demanding the second step of authentication when signing in. The program allows you to generate verification codes without requiring an internet connection, allowing you to complete tasks while offline. The software integrates seamlessly with a variety of…

4. Authy

When you log in to an account protected by Authy, you will receive a text message, which is one of the finest ways to implement two-factor security. It features a capability that allows it to retrieve codes from a smartphone and a computer. When someone tries to access your account, you will receive a notice on your phone. It establishes a cloud backup plan so that you don't lose the token passwords (8 digits) permanently and can obtain codes after…

5. Auth0

Auth0 is an all-in-one software solution that provides an authentication and authorization management platform that works with almost any digital device on the market. It's also compatible with mobile devices, IoT devices, computers, and applications. It has a lot of cool modules, and it's usually used by companies that support B2B, B2C, and B2E for universal identity. Many fascinating modules make up the platform's primary features. Universal login flow, customer domain, audit logs, universal login, SMS port, white-label manufacturer, brute…

6. PingID

PingID is a cloud-based strong authentication system that lets users log in to apps using their phones. PingID provides an easy-to-use solution for end-users while still providing the protection that administrators want. When strong authentication is required, end-users receive a message on their device, which also includes offline support if the device is not connected to the internet. Its robust network security safeguards networks, individual PCs, services, and businesses. With multi-cloud compatibility, it comes with the necessary digital transformation, allowing…

7. Duo

Google Duo is a beautiful, agile, and responsive video calling software with excellent voice quality. People all over the world may use this software to talk and express their emotions with just one click. Google Duo is a simple and dependable application that works on both iOS and Android smartphones, and it's also likely to work on the web. Long-distance communication has never been easier, but Google Duo makes calling and seeing your loved ones a breeze. This lavish program…