Astro Bot Rescue Mission

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Astro Bot Rescue Mission is an action and adventure video game developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The story of the game is that the player’s crew is lost and the player is trying to recover members of the crew. In this game, the player has to set on a challenging journey to save his lost crew and complete the quest. To rescue the crew members, the game provides the player with over 212 bots.

During the gameplay, the player has to play the role of Astro Bot named character. Throughout the game, you have to punch, jump, and offer a spinning attack to enemies. While playing the game, you can use all these attacks to face and defeat six enemy bosses. The game enables the player to experience past obstacles and use his body to complete game objectives.

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Moreover, the player can use Slingshot, Hook fired, and water Gun while playing. The game comes with almost 20 levels and all the levels are full of various challenging objectives. It has almost five worlds so the player can play in any one of the available worlds. If you are in search of some games alternative to Astro Bot Rescue Mission then you are at the right platform.


  • Superb controls
  • 3D graphics
  • Impressive gameplay
  • Superb level design
  • Great use of VR
  • Gorgeous visuals


  • Relatively short
  • Linear adventure
  • Supports single-player mode

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