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Ambassador is an online referral-based marketplace developed to help businesses with the difficulties linked with the referral network. The platform lets anyone get maximum referrals without disturbing any visitor on the site. They can build a native and practical sharing experience with the help of its advanced set of tools.

Ambassador can also allow users to bring their program by automating reward payouts, leveraging intelligent segmentation, eCommerce, billing integrations, CRM, and more to explore. In addition, it even offers an advanced visual editor so that users can easily configure products as it contains multiple widgets in it for controlling the process.

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  • Social Media Marketing
  • Member Portal
  • Referral Tracking
  • Rewards Program
  • Search/Filter

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NextBee is based on marketing programs that has an aim to help businesses with the purchasing of clients with the loyalty network. This marketplace begins with providing the solution to the organizations. However, over time, on meeting with fellow people in business, they started to target several audiences and multiple products for their network's growth. Nextbee also comes with the marketing structure to formalize the entire structure with the products for accelerating the entire system towards betterment. They are satisfying…

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Forewards is an advanced designed solution through which every sized eCommerce business's needs are instantly fulfilled. It can help grow the business, as it can robotically ask each of the previously linked customers to tell their community about the wellness of that specific organization. Forewards also help their users enhance traffic by giving rewards in the form of coupons to such clients who are actively participating and loyal to business to share them with their proof of the effectiveness of…

Talkable is a solution provider so that organizations can alter their way of getting new customers to their network. The platform can work by maximizing and measuring the primeval marketing channels for gaining more of them. Talkable also lets its users identify and target the loyal client so that it can give rewards for encouraging them to bring their communities towards it. In addition, it even comes with an advanced set of tools that can help it with the analysis…

Extole is an online marketing network provider through which brands and businesses can get new clients via loyalty or referral programs for boosting productivity. By using this platform, users can identify engaging with the advocates for bringing creative and suitable rewards for them. Extole comes along with the pre-designed sharing templates that can also contain visual editing for real-time customizing the end-to-end referral stuff. Clients even get personalized share codes for attracting customers with compelling offers, such as gift cards,…

Refiral comes with helping numerous businesses for enhancing their sales through an advance online network. By using these tools, sites based on e-commerce can maximize their sales multiple times by boosting their conversion rates, retaining their customers, acquiring new customers, etc. They can do it via a one-time setup that is robotically and can be customized for the campaigns related to the social referrals. There is no setup fee on the Refiral system, and users don't have to pay any…

InviteReferrals is an online app through which businesses are growing themselves by getting more customers with the help of digital affiliate marketing solutions. It is trusted by numerous leading brands and thousands of customers worldwide due to its successful referral marketing. InviteReferrals is bringing customers by sending them the invitation links with attached coupons so that they drive towards it in real-time. Furthermore, this platform also contains a powerful analysis program that includes invites filtered by multiple channels based on…


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