14 Sites Like Amazon CloudFront

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Amazon CloudFront is an office, productivity, and content delivery network that accelerates website delivery. This site speeds up the distribution of files, static, and, dynamic website content such as CSS and HTML.  It has an edge server which is used for providing the viewer with the fastest delivery of content.

The site rout user’s requests to the edge location to speed up the distribution of their content. Moreover, by using this site, people can enhance the security, reliability, and performance of the site. With this site, you can reduce the number of networks through which the user’s request pass through.

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  • Accelerates website delivery
  • Speeds up the distribution of files
  • Edge server
  • Enhance the security of the site
  • Increase the reliability and performance of the site

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Akamai is a backup and sync website and tool that serves as content delivery network service. This site helps users to create cloud computing apps and launch them conveniently. With the help of this site, businesses and enterprise can optimize consumer and entertainment experiences. The site enables its users to embrace the trends such as media, cloud, and mobile. Akamai website empowers businesses to transform and helps them to connect with the hyper-connected. Furthermore, the site supports self-service cloudlets, fast…


Tata Communications CDN is an office, productivity, and content delivery network that provides personalized digital experiences. The site enables businesses to easily face many challenges like an increasing number of cybersecurity threats, demand spikes, and unreliable content delivery. With the help of this site, organizations can deliver content in the fastest time. Moreover, the site efficiently delivers high-quality video content which you can without buffering. This site has programmable edge computing capability due to which organizations can run their workloads…

Reblaze is a security, office, and productivity website used for protecting websites. With the help of this site, people can protect websites from denial of service attacks, data theft, scrapers, bot, and hacker attacks. The users of this site can make their web assets secure by using this site. In addition to protecting the site and securing the web assets, the site can also protect the visitors of the sites. This site has multiple unique and new tools for protecting…


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