7 Worthy Alternatives to Trello in 2024

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Trello is a popular and functional app but it doesn’t suit everyone. Read this article to get to know about smart alternatives!

7 Worthy Alternatives to Trello

Trello is one of the most popular solutions for managing your time, tasks, and projects. However, it has its drawbacks and limitations. For instance, some users find its design outdated and its learning curve too steep. Others voice privacy concerns and report insufficient functionality for handling complex projects with their teams.

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In this article, we’ll recommend to you worthy alternatives to Trello. They can come in handy for organizing your personal and business activities. These apps differ in their features, interfaces and prices, so everyone should be able to find something for their taste.

All the software products on our list have web versions, desktop clients for Windows and macOS and mobile apps for iOS and Android, unless stated otherwise. All of them have free plans or trials unless stated otherwise. When talking about the prices, we mean the minimum monthly expenses.

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1. LeaderTask

  • Customer rating: 4.8
  • Top feature: Shallow learning curve combined with rich functionality
  • Weakest aspect: Lack of opportunity to send messages offline
  • Pricing: From $3.33
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LeaderTask immediately catches the eye thanks to its modern and user-friendly interface. It’s extremely rich in features and integrations – and at the same time, very simple. Its target audience is both professional collectives and private individuals. It will be convenient for you to add and edit tasks, split them into small components, merge them into projects, assign or delegate them to others and track their progress. Apart from the basic functionality, there are multiple cool add-ons – such as the opportunity to create tasks from emails or to enumerate weeks in the calendar (the latter can be indispensable for projects or trips).

You can start using it as a Trello alternative free. Its gratuit version enables you to get a good notion of the product. When you decide to upgrade to premium, the plans will be affordable.

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Nearly all features of this app remain available offline – except for the opportunity to send messages. This is probably the biggest disadvantage of LeaderTask, especially for frequent travelers who regularly leave their local environment.

2. Hive

  • Customer rating: 4.7
  • Top feature: Integration with over 1,000 third-party products
  • Weakest aspect: Lack of opportunity to add images to task cards
  • Pricing: From $5

Just like Trello, this one offers Kanban boards. Besides, you can view your content in other formats, such as calendar, table or Gantt. This software integrates with over 1,000 third-party products. Users appreciate its clean UX/UI and its built-in chat. What makes Hive stand out from the rest is its flexible customization. You can fine-tune many aspects of the interface, including custom fields for projects and personalized charts.

On the flip side, task cards support only text – but not images or other content formats.

3. Asana

Asana alternatives
  • Customer rating: 4.7
  • Top feature: Rich functionality for group work
  • Weakest aspect: Lack of opportunity to export your content to Excel
  • Pricing: From $10.99

This one boasts a modern interface and is focused on group work. After you create tasks, you’ll be able to merge them into projects and assign them to different executors. Asana lets you track your team’s performance and control each member’s workload. This app far outperforms Trello in terms of customization.

As for the shortcomings, you’d fail to export your content to Excel – even though it seems a rather obvious feature.

4. Proofhub

  • Customer rating: 4.6
  • Top feature: Opportunity to record resources and track time
  • Weakest aspect: Notifications can be distracting
  • Pricing: From $45

This app is popular among businesses that bill hourly because it enables them to record resources and track time. You’ll be able to switch between table, Gantt and Kanban viewing formats. Even if your team is large, it will be easy for you to handle complex projects. In addition to all the expected basic features, you can benefit from custom workflows and custom roles.

This otherwise excellent product might sometimes annoy you with its notifications. Besides, its price is much higher than that of many competitors.

5. Wrike

Wrike alternatives

  • Customer rating: 4.5
  • Top feature: Focus on complex collaboration
  • Weakest aspect: Steep learning curve
  • Pricing: From $9.8

Wrike might be not the best option for private individuals. But it’s spot-on for groups where each member deals with several projects at once and needs to collaborate with others. This app boasts excellent cross-project visibility and decent resource management tools. Its Gantt charts are interactive. It enables you to create custom dashboards and benefit from unique automation. No need to say, a full range of simpler instruments is available.

Logically enough, the learning curve of such a product is steep, which is its key drawback.

6. Monday.com

  • Customer rating: 4.4
  • Top feature: Ease of use
  • Weakest aspect: Limited functionality
  • Pricing: From $9

This Trello alternative is one of the most intuitive apps in its niche. It won’t take you long to get used to it – which is great for teams who need to explore all the functionality of the product as fast as possible. However, you shouldn’t expect to find a wide of range of features here. Monday.com limits itself to the most basic tools and integrates with a few popular third-party solutions.

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7. ProProfs Project

  • Customer rating: 4.4
  • Top feature: Task dependencies
  • Weakest aspect: Its computer version outperforms its mobile app
  • Pricing: From $39.97

While Trello fails to display task dependencies, ProProfs copes with this task. It offers varied features for managing your to-dos and projects. You can switch between multiple viewing formats, including Kanban and Gantt. Unfortunately, its mobile app leaves to be desired. Plus, its integrations with third-party software are not too extensive.

Final Thoughts

There are dozens of other Trello alternatives on the market. If you haven’t come across what suits you 100% in our article, keep searching! Based on your personal experience, we’d like to recommend LeaderTask as the best alternative to Trello. You won’t need to alternate it with other task management solutions because its functionality is extremely rich and it integrates with many third-party products. It’s equally suitable for solo private use and handling business projects with a team.