6 Apps like TogetherTube

    TogetherTube is another alternative to Watch2Gether and Hulu where you can enjoy watching videos, listen to music, stream your most likely stuff whenever you want. Watch2Gether brings excellent synchronized playback, powerful moderation tools, and more. It also contains a voting system to put great functionalities right on the palm of your hands. Whether it’s YouTube, SoundCloud, Vimeo, Dailymotion, or any other streaming platform, you can enjoy watching fun stuff whenever, wherever.

    You can make room by adding your close circle of friends and enjoy chatting in a secure way. It also contains the functionalities of voting, room settings, and more. Together Tube App is exceptional for long-distance relationships, group entertainment, quarantine entertainment, and distant fun.


    • Watch movies and songs togather
    • Synchronized playback
    • Powerful moderation tools
    • Synchronized player
    • Chatting functionality
    • Voting
    • Room settings
    • Exceptional for long distance relationships

    Alternatives to Rave on PC and Android

    1. Rave

    On this exhausting and ruthless time of coronavirus pandemic where everyone is behind the doors of their homes, depart from their friends, even family members, and loved ones. Apps like Rave, Hulu, TogetherTube, etc. are helping you out by bringing your smile and entertainment back to your lives. As this idea becomes ancient so there are loads

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    • 2. Pikashow

      There are thousands of movie streaming apps available on the web that make it a hefty task to find and stream the perfect one for you. Pikashow is one of the best, feature-rich, and safe streaming applications on Android and iOS devices that are specially designed for crazy streaming lovers who want to watch high-quality and full-length

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      • 3. Hulu

        Hulu is one of the best alternatives to Rave because of its exceptional features and functionalities. People are moving to the Hulu app rather than rave because of its feature-rich scenario. The app contains ads but doesn’t offend you of that level. You can watch stuff on the go and enjoy watching your most likely shows, movies,

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        • 4. Teleparty (Netflix Party)

          Teleparty (Netflix Party) is one of the most exceptional apps in this coronavirus pandemic as it lets you have real entertainment whenever, wherever. Netflix Party is now Teleparty and brings the same stuff and scenario that you are looking for. There are millions of people who’ve installed Netflix party and are watching

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          • 5. Watch2Gether

            Watch2Gether is another alternative app to Hulu and Rave that lets you spend time together watching real-time entertaining stuff. You can instantly create a room share the URL, and watch things together right away. You can enjoy streaming your most likely music just by signing in or signing up like Hulu and

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            • 6. AirTime

              AirTime is an amazing social space where people build commodities around share passions and interests. You can also enjoy watching fun stuff altogether no matter either you are in quarantine, away from home, or still not in authentic bonding. It lets you come together live, share what you care for, stream movies, and

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