10 Best Fighting Games For PC

Fighting game is the video game genres in which the player controls an on-screen character and engage in close combat with the opponent character that is controlled by other player or AI. Most of the fight matches are consists of multiple rounds and take place in the battle arena while each player has its own ability and fighting behavior. The fighting game genres are similar to the beat-em-up in which large numbers of enemies fight against the human player. The first fighting video game was launched in 1976 with the title of Heavyweight Champ.


Tekken is an Arcade Fighting, Single and Multiplayer video game series created by Namco. It is the first fighting game at the time to use 3D animation. The service produces lots of sequels as well as updates and spin of the name. Each game of the series of similar gameplay with enhanced features. According to the gameplay, the player can choose is one of many characters and get into the combat world to hand-to-hand batter with computer character or other player characters. The most exciting thing about Tekken is that it offers lots of modes, unique characters, fast-paced gameplay and stunning visual. It is one of the fighting game for Pc, PlayStation, and Xbox.

2.Mortal Kombat X

Mortal Kombat X is another major game in the series of Mortal Kombat that is available to play on Xbox One, iOS, Microsoft Windows and lots of other platforms. It is an excellent fighting game that consists of two or one players. The game contains all the previous character and lots of new characters, each one has its own specific attacks. It covers multiple modes such as Tower Mode, Story Mode, and various Online Multiple Modes. Mortal Kombat X is specially established for those players who want to engage himself in fast-paced hand to hand video game with little bit of exacting twist.

3.Virtua Fighter 5

Virtua Fighter 5 is a Fighting video game created and published by Sega. It is one of the best games like Tekken. The game enables single and multiplayer modes. In single-player, the player can face each character of the game in pre-determined including Final boss Dural. Each match consists of the three rounds and the player must succeed in two round to face the next character. Virtua Fighter 5 is an engaging video game that provides a fast-paced fighting experience which the player can never see before.

4.Battle Fantasia

is another Fighting game developed by Arc System Works. It is a two player game who fight against each other by using several characters and each character with his own behavior and attacks. Choose his character and get into the battlefield where the player can face opponent character in best of three rounds and the player must win two round in order to get the victory. The great thing about Battle Fantasia is that it introduces new MP system that can activate Heat-up style to increase his strength. Battle Fantasia contains lots of unlockable characters and features.


Skullgirls created and published by Reverge Labs. It is a 2D Fighting game that revolves around the Artifact called Skull Heart which can grant needs to the women. If the women mixed heart wishes something they convert her into the Skullgirl and the main objective of the skullgirl is the battle to survive. The game allows the player to choose one of many characters and get into the game world to survive against her rivals. Skullgirls features different background theme, multiplayer mode, stunning visual and great mechanics. If you think you’re best in hard-core than do try it out.


DiveKick is an Addictive, Action, Arcade Fighting game that allows the player to control his character with only two buttons. At the beginning of the game, the player can select his one of many characters and get into the game world where the ultimate goal of the player defeats all the opponent characters to win the game. Verity of character, different theme and multiplayer mode these are core features of the game. DiveKick is a real piece of pro gaming.

7.Lethal League

Lethal League is a Single and Multiplayer Fighting video game that lets to play up to four players battle against each other on the battlefield. The objective of the player kicks the ball back and hit the other players till there’s the only player left. Lethal League also provides the single-player mode in which the player can face AI. It is an addictive game that offers fast-paced fighting experience with beautiful graphics, brilliant gameplay, and enjoyable background music. If you truly want to play a challenging fighting game than do try it out.

8.Street Fighter

Capcom continuously presents great games but this is one of the most popular and most trading video game series known as Street Fighter. The series enables up to nine exciting games and each of the game provides enhanced game mechanics and visual details. It contains multiple characters and each character of the series has its own abilities and fighting behavior. Select his one of the favorite character and get one-on-one against the other character. The newest game of the series is Street Fighter V.

9.The Warriors

The Warriors created by Rockstar Toronto. It is a based on the same name and features large fighting in 3D location. The Warriors takes place in the stunning New York City and the story of the game follows warrior a powerful street group who wrongly responsible for the murders they did not commit. In this game, the ultimate task of the player chooses his one of numerous playable character and get into the game world, go on the street and eliminate all the rival gang members in order to progress. It also offers the player to explore the massive city environment, takes missions and effort to complete them all. The gameplay of the game is little changed but the fighting style of the game is same as Tekken.


BlazBlue is an Addictive Fighting video game series that offers Single and Multiplayer modes. It is one of the best hand-to-hand combat game along with various characters and each character has its own fighting behavior. Choose his best character and beat all the opponent character by using the combination of attacks. In single-player mode the player can fight each character of the game that is controlled by AI. BlazBlue features combo attack, 3D environment, different scenarios, great mechanics and addictive gameplay.

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