7 Sites Like Xbox Booter

Xbox Booter is an online program that is designed for gamers and Xbox fans to provide high-quality content for the best IP Booter, IP Grabber, and IP Puller. For gamers, you can also learn how to use them to boot people offline. If you want to boot someone, it is quite simple that is pretty simple and can prove to be a lot of fun for some Gamers to carry out such attacks.

By initiating an attack against their IP address, you can easily take them offline and win without any further effort. The network monitoring tool allows you to sniff and obtain IP addresses from each connection on your device. The data packets are reassembled once they have all reached their intended locations.


  • IP Puller
  • IP grabber
  • IP sniffer
  • Locate and track
  • Connectivity

Xbox Booter Alternatives


1. OctoSniff

Octo sniff is a website tool that allows capturing packets automatically that come from Xbox Party Chat or Game Server IP’s PS4 with artificial intelligence feature. For connectivity of IP packets address, you can identify each user by using each packet. Through the help of octosniff tool, you can connect the IP address of usernames from each packet and use custom filters., in addition, the other advantage is that you can create your custom filters from specific games of IP…

2. Xboxonebooter

Xboxonebooter- Another program that PSN users can be used to gather IP addresses to game hosting servers to shut an IP address attack. By initiating a denial-of-service assault, the booter enables players to take other Playstation users offline on their public IP address. It includes excellent services on PS4 booting, self-defense, IP booter, IP puller, and IP grabber. Furthermore, your router's IP address is used by this application to operate according to its own set of rules, your router assigns…

3. Lanc Remastered PCPS

Lanc Remastered PCPS- a piece of open source software created for pulling gaming consoles for monitoring and packet analysis. Because it is a copy of LANC programs that were first developed in 2010–2011, it has significant drawbacks for private use on both internal and external networks. A browser database is added to the application to classify IPs to improve the Geolocation IP lookup and make it more station. The increased popularity among the gaming and hacking communities prompted the creation…

4. Consolesniffer

An online tool called Consolesniffer collects IP addresses and usernames from all consoles using a jailbreak and Bluetooth or WiFi. Even with the most current patch, it continues to function in terms of easy setup, cable-free operation, and VPN compatibility. In addition, it is a networking Monitor software Console IP Sniffer for all game consoles that can be used with the free network research and monitoring tool cracked. A strong and cutting-edge IP sniffer tool for gamers that provides all of…

5. Bootyou

Bootyou is a  VIP server that contains different tiers which produce a varied volume of content. It is a website tool that output totals for VIP Tiers are protected to get 1 through 4. There are more than 30 different layers 4 and layer 7 techniques to secure in this situation. With the use of secure hashes and HTTPS, all databases are susceptible to an attack. It provides stress testing of its features for a subscription including several services, such…

6. Webresolver

Webresolver includes the free API, huge database resolver, an email to Skype resolver, and leaked databases. It is an internet software that enables the use of Skype to obtain a user's IP added or browse the articles in this category. It is a straightforward and approachable node.js package that makes it possible to communicate with the web resolve API. With the technology stack of the website, It includes a content management system (CMS), e-commerce platform, payment processor, and company and…

7. xResolver

xResolver is a publically accessible database website where all IP address information is restored, retrieved, and used to establish connections through publicly available online profiles. The most crucial information about this website is that it follows the laws and regulations against cybercrime. Through the online profiles, you can start DDOS (distributed denial-of-service) assaults against you and collect private information. For example, you are playing a competitive game of league of legends and beating a player. After losing the game, the…