World of Warcraft: The Most Difficult Achievements of Their Time

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Why does World of Warcraft enthusiasts adore it? Of course, for the gripping story, a wide range of breathtaking locales, and a vast cast of fascinating individuals, each of them has a unique fate. Additionally, the players enjoy the fact that there are a lot of challenging objectives in this video game that require a significant amount of effort to achieve.

Each player must be focused, have a solid understanding of the game principles, and be able to collaborate to win accomplishments more quickly. In any case, if something does not work out for the player, then he can always turn to companies like SkyCoach, which help with leveling, passing dungeons and raids, buying gold, and other activities.

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This saves a lot of time and allows the player to engage in those activities in the game that he likes. Orders are carried out by teams of professional players quickly and efficiently.

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A few words about compiling a rating of challenging achievements. Of course, we will not cover all the achievements, we will focus only on those that players often complain about, justifying this by the fact that they are unrealistic to complete.

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There is no way to determine exactly how difficult an achievement is. In this ranking, you can find achievements that will not cause difficulties, but only because their time has passed. However, if you took on their implementation at the time in which they were originally introduced, you would spend more than a dozen hours on their implementation.

We had it all along cough

The real problem is that even by collecting the premade for this achievement, you can’t control the enemy. Whether you can get this achievement sometimes depends entirely on the opposing team.

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The Cake Is Not A Lie

Baking a cake is not a problem, the problem is getting the recipe. Recipe: Delicious Chocolate Cake – Can be obtained randomly as a reward for completing the Cooking Daily in World of Warcraft. And the chance of getting a recipe is about 1%.

BB King

That’s what makes getting this achievement a nightmare. The Red Rider’s Carbine has a cast time. The channeling is interrupted when taking damage. If you are in an enemy city, there is a small chance that thousands of guards and unfriendly players come to beat you. Also, this carbine is very inaccurate.

A Mask for All Occasions

This achievement was required to complete Hallowed Be Thy Name. Someone realized that getting all 20 masks would just require you to camp near your computer and minute by minute for 2 weeks every hour to get one random mask.

King of the Fire Festival

Most seasonal events require you to run into or around enemy cities and this is rarely interesting. Because you become an easy target for the enemy faction, and you have to die again and again to complete such achievements.

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A Horde of Hoofbeats

This is a collector’s achievement that requires you to collect 400 mounts available to a single character. In BfA, A Horde of Hoofbeats is the latest achievement in its series, which requires you to collect 10 mounts, 25, 50, 100, and so on.

World of Warcraft

Collecting a collection of 400 mounts takes a lot of time and effort. Of course, you can collect more, but for this, you will have to save up gold for years and visit the same dungeons repeatedly.

Perhaps in the future other mounts will appear in the game, and the Horde of Clattering Hooves achievement will become easier. At the same time, a new achievement may be added to the series – for example, 450 unique mounts or something like that.

The Immortal

I remember one of our attempts to make an immortal. Finished all the bosses in 7 hours (approaching each boss thoroughly). We approached Kel’Thuzad, the fight began, and now we leave him 5% as one of our paladins gets controlled and uses Divine Intervention on one of the assistants. Then I had to repeat this task again and again.

40 Exalted Reputations

Well, everything is simple here – it’s very long. Although in Cataclysm this achievement is easier to get. But now it is very difficult for a new player to find a companion for the painful farming of level 70 heroics.

All You Can Eat (25 players)

If you beat Sindragosa you probably hate her, if you beat her on heroic then hate her even more. If you found the strength to complete this achievement, then there are probably no such words to express your attitude towards her.


forward! This is an achievement that you can do without spending a few days on it. But what can you say about doing it when the limit was only 2 minutes, and the players were in the seventh-tier equipment? If you are searching for the Best Games Like World of Warcraft, then figure out the list.

A Tribute to Immortality

Passing the Trial of the great crusader is still not an easy task. Probably for anyone who would like to make this achievement, there was a ridiculous, stupid death of one of the raid members. Most likely this happened during the battle with the Champions of the faction.

Combat styled like a battle in the arena does not provide for the presence of aggro in the traditional sense and the only chance to escape is the ability to avoid focusing opponents that kill in less than a second. These were the most difficult achievements that caused a lot of trouble for players in the past. Now, of course, we remember this with nostalgia or with a slight nervous tic.