What is League of Legends MMR – How to improve LoL MMR?

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With no doubt, League of Legends (LoL) is one of the best MOBA games, offering you stunning gameplay to experience. Riot Games releases the game back in 2009 as a stand-alone game heavily inspired by DotA, a custom map designed for Warcraft IIII.

Although it is free to play, the game costs you bucks for in-game customization items. The gameplay pits two teams having the same number of players against each other in the PvP mode, where each team aims to defend and occupy map more possible than the other team to win. During the game, the player controls a character known as “Champion” who possesses unique abilities and powers.

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Collection of experience points may boost the powers of characters; meanwhile, gold and items help champions to defeat enemies within no time. Besides that, the most prominent mode of the game is Summoner’s Rift. After a brief introduction of the game, let’s get started to know “What is MMR” in League of Legends and how it works.

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Before starting, let me briefly explain to you that it’s a system used to present the skill level of players in League of Legends. You might know that no one starts with advanced skills, players need to do a bit of struggle to achieve high rank and gain skills.

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Apart from that, purchasing premium weapons, items, and skills may help players grow faster than average. Nowadays, thousands of people are out to find Games Like League of Legends because they want to try something new. If you get bored playing LoL and searching for Games Like League of Legends, then go through the link.

What is MMR?

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League of Legends MMR (also known as Match Making Rating) is a number that the game uses to determine and display the skill level of any player. In short, your LoL MMR determines your opponents and it is kept unique for each game mode.

You should keep in mind that everyone’s Matching Making Rating starts at the same point when they are playing a queue for the first time. During the game, it gradually goes up whenever you win the match and similarly, it goes down whenever you lose a game.

In short, the system is designed to keep offering fair gameplay to every player. The system stops you from going against the player more powerful than you. Therefore, whenever you hit the play button to find your opponents, the system decides those players who are close to your rank rating. Besides that, the game comes with your unique MMR in each queue, so you climb in one queue without making any disturbance.

Experience Fair Matches

We won’t only reveal about Match Making Rating, but also help you via a guide on how to improve your MMR. But before, you should deeply go through the topic “What is my MMR.” Nowadays, competition between MOBA games is growing with the speed of the storm and no one knows what will happen next; therefore, everyone trying to offer their users a fair gameplay experience so they keep coming to play the game.

Therefore, a fair match can be described as a match wherein the chances of winning for each team has almost 5% +/-1%. As you know, the competition organizes between two teams of 10 champions and each one comes with an identical MMRs queue simultaneously; each has an option to select a unique position that suits them.

Learn About Position Preference

After knowing about Fair Matches, you should learn about Position Preference. Surely, players who are masters in League of Legends would know about PP (Position Preference). In the game, you have an option to choose two positions of your choice when getting into a draft queue. Your first selected position is considered as primary, while the second is taken as a backup.

Fast Queue Times

No one loves to wait longer; therefore, everyone in League of Legends prefers to have fair and quick matches. But here we suggest you wait for extra time to get fair matches. The longer you wait, the better competitors equal in MMR of you will be brought to you by the Matchmaking system. The majority of us are searching for LoL MMR Checker” to find their ratings. Nowadays, dozens of sites are floating across the web that needs only your game username to reveal your MMR. If you are new to the game, then your MMR can’t be estimated as at least 30 days of solo game data is required.

You Should Know Before Starting

As mentioned above, the ideal scenario for all ten champions is to experience a well-balanced match. But before starting, you should keep the following things in mind.

  • You should play matches during low-activist times
  • Make parties with players of different MMRs
  • Keep space for one or more positions.

Besides that, some other factors are also mentioned below that you must keep in mind when comes out to experience fair gameplay. All mentioned factors may affect the perception of a fair match.

  • Experience Bad Games
  • Fair match wherein other team has an unfair matchup
  • One or more players may try an off-position

Climb the Ladder

It is already clear that your MMR depends on the matches you play, as well as your opponents too. Apart from that, MMR (Match Making Rating) is a number that Riot uses to determine the opponent of the same level and skills.

In short, if we say MMR a personal progress bar in LoL won’t be wrong because it determines your progress and skills as well. To make you understand in a way, we are here with some familiar situations that help you clear all doubts between your League and MMR.

  • Winning matches several times may lead you to confront a powerful team.
  • Players who are promoted to gold from silver should expect to confront higher-tier players in their matches. Facing powerful heroes means you are winning more than you are losing, and it confirms that the matchmaking system has detected your skills and considered placing you ahead of higher placement. If you keep winning matches, the time will come when you will see opponents more powerful thank you.
  • If you’re against the team is losing a lot, then chances are high that the matchmaking system may throw them ahead of a lower-ranked team to give them a chance to take their spot on the ladder.
  • You should keep in mind that the average MMR of each team is almost the same, but it may be possible that one team has five players with equal MMR, while the other team has a few high-ranked players, as well as lowers.

Why Your Profile isn’t updating?

Firstly, you should keep in mind that usually MMR estimates are made using your game data of 30 days. Usually, the game excluded the premade games because of those players who have different MMRs that become a cause of poor matchmaking system, as well as inaccurate MMRs.

You don’t need to worry if your profile isn’t updated, keep playing more games. Several players are out to learn how to improve their MMR? So, here is a guide:

How to Improve Your MMR in League of Legends?

Everyone knows that the increment in MMR is directly proportional to your achievements and victories. Similarly, your MMR goes down as you lose matches. Therefore, we suggest you keep winning matches to raise your MMR, but an increment in MMR means more powerful players that may no show mercy on you.

If you are one of those who are searching for a way to increase their MMR, then we suggest you maintain your win rate at a positive position. Although the difference between your team and the opposing team may bring average MMR differences and determines whether you gain or lose, in practice mode you can experience fair gameplay, as well as both teams will appear on-screen with similar MMR.

Does LoL MMR affect the Ranked League Points?

Here you should know that Ranked Game modes usually use LP (League Points) as a competitive layer; however, players gain or lose LP depending on their MMR and the average of their rank.

For example: if you are playing a match above the average MMR for your rank, then the game rewards you with more LP than lose. In contrast, you will lose more League Points than gain if you are playing with below the average MMR.

Note: LP and MMR are different from ELO Rating – an old ranking system that has been wiped out from the game in season 3 by Riot.

The majority of players are confused regarding queue dodging as they consider that the queue dodging may affect their MMR. In actuality, it’s only a myth and won’t affect your MMR; however, ranked queues come with different Promotions and LP penalties for dodging.

Apart from that, Riot has confirmed that you may experience some matches like stomps, but they are working on it to ensure that all teams have a 50% +/-1% chance of victory.


Millions of players across the world are crazy about League of Legends and constantly looking for a way to make their spot on the leaderboard. Playing LoL isn’t as easy as everyone is considering, because the introduction of the complicated system may take some time to make you understand. Therefore, you should keep learning the game when defeating enemies and champions to improve your skills. Surely, your all doubts in regards to League of Legends MMR are clear now. Let’s explain briefly once again that it’s a system used to throw you on a battlefield where you confront an opposing team of your level. Fighting against teams of higher-tier isn’t possible as they will defeat you within no time; therefore, offering fair gameplay along with the best possibilities to grow is the priority of League of Legends.

What is League of Legends MMR – How to improve LoL MMR? Information

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