What are Some of the Lesser-Known Comparison Sites Out There?

BargainFinder is credited with being the first ever comparison-shopping agent, and it was released in 1995 as an experiment. It turned out to be an unprecedented success, and the number of similar sites that appeared soon snowballed. With the internet becoming the behemoth it is today, the need for comparison sites in almost every industry has ballooned.

Aggregators that tell people which restaurant to eat at, which airline to fly with, and what film to watch are now the first points of call for savvy internet users. But what are some of the lesser-known options? These are some of the more unique and enjoyable comparison sites in several other niches across the web; however, if you are looking for a site to find differences between technology, terms, fruits, business, and more, check out diffbtw.com.

Compare the Meerkat

One of the most significant advertising campaigns of the modern age was when Comparethemarket.com released Compare the Meerkat. Hilariously, the adverts featured an anthropomorphic meerkat who was frustrated by people accidentally clicking on his site, comparethemeerkat.com, when searching for comparethemarket.com. The meerkat, known as Aleksandr Orlov, is known for his catchphrase, “Simples.”

The marketing method was such a success that comparethemarket.com became the fourth-most visited insurance website in the UK. Advertising agency VCCP enhanced the campaign by creating a website where users could compare various meerkats for fun.

Online Casinos

Comparing them to someone who has never played at online casino sites might seem strange. After all, each one features the same range of table games and slots, doesn’t it? There are huge differences between the options available. As the industry has blossomed, sites have had to think of ingenious ways to outdo one another, and aggregator pages help players decide between them.

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There are loads of New Zealand players searching for slot games to play online. Because the market is thriving, many people use review sites to find out real money online pokies. These pages highlight where all the best offers are and feature summaries about the kind of playing experience people can expect. They can then click the link to the site they fancy to get taken directly there.

Voice Comparison Sites

One of the most obscure types of comparison that internet users can indulge in is between the different actors who have voiced famous characters over the years. In the world of comic book adaptations, some of the best-known heroes and villains have been played by many people. Now, people who enjoy this fantasy world can decide who gave the most incredible vocal performances of all time.

One of the most famous protagonists in the world of television and film is Batman, and more than 20 people have portrayed the Caped Crusader since his inception in 1939. The most recent of these wa Robert Pattinson in The Batman. Now, fans of the much-loved crime fighter can use comparison sites to listen to voice clips to assess who suited him best. For example, they can hear footage of Adam West and then juxtapose it with Kevin Conroy to make a final decision.

Dinosaur Comparison Sites

Despite having lived millions of years ago with paleontologists only being able to decipher things about them from their fossils, dinosaurs have always fascinated people all over the world. This interest has been helped by successful franchises like Jurassic Park, leading to Jurassic World and its sequels more recently.

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It’s estimated that there were more than 700 species of dinosaur, and many of these have been discovered as intact fossilized skeletons. It can get confusing with many different herbivores and carnivores from diverse periods. There are also plenty of complicated names, and it’s all a lot to take in. Now, numerous dinosaur comparison sites help people quickly learn about ancient beasts. They can compare their sizes, what they ate, and where they may have lived.

Comparison sites have skyrocketed over the last twenty years, and there will only be more in the future. People have gotten used to having the ability to compare various things, which should lead to more new and obscure sites emerging.