12 WebWatcher Alternatives

WebWatcher Alternatives

WebWatcher is a sleek tool to see web searches and activities, stay alerted to risky behavior, and view all photos saved or taken. Being one of the most effective parental apps, WebWatcher Parent App helps you supervise your children by recording all the essential activities on cell phones.

You can instantly stay updated on risky cell phone activities such as cyberbullying, alcohol use, weapons, sexting, drugs, watching porn, and other inappropriate behaviors. WebWatcher – Parental Monitoring App lets you see who your kids are a community with and what they are talking about in the sums or other means of communications.

You can instantly see what your kids are hiding and access deleted text as well. View images that your kids have on their cameral roil and find who the person is that is chatting with your kids with ease.  Web Watcher Parental Monitoring also brings website history tracking, monitoring multiple devices, call log history management, GPS location, and various other features.


  • Call log history monitoring
  • GPS location tracker
  • See deleted text
  • Parental Monitoring
  • View images from camera roll
  • Monitor multiple devices

Apps like WebWatcher

1. Any Weblock

Apps like Any Weblock

Any Weblock is a sleek web content control program that provides you with the power to block any website over your local computer. It displays all the fake error pages and brings strong integration with almost all web browsers such as Google Chrome, Cent, Firefox, Mozilla, or any others. Users don’t need any kind of networking knowledge required for configuration as well. Some of its possible uses include blocking online games, chatrooms, porn, and other adult or harmful stuff likewise.…

2. BrowseControl

BrowseControl Alternatives

BrowseControl is an easy-to-use website bocking software for schools, businesses, libraries, and other organizations where annoying ads and distracting websites are not acceptable. BrowseControl is a robust platform for restricting internet access without getting indulged in heavy scenarios. Improving the security of the internet, blocking distracting websites, and enforcing internet use policies with regular internet access control policies is a matter of seconds for this platform. You can intuitively prevent access to adult material, restrict employees to access the internet,…

3. SafeDNS

SafeDNS Alternatives

SafeDNS is a safe and free solution for people who want to safeguard their organization and family against all the objectionable content and cyber threats placed over the internet. Protecting your corporate network against all online threats such as viruses, malware, and phishing is not a big deal anymore. This app provides a safe browsing environment to your staff and learners at your premises such as high schools, universities, colleges, and kindergartens. This platform is significant for keeping you and…

4. Norton Family

Norton Family Alternatives

Norton Family is an online safety app that brings plenty of exceptional tools that teach healthy, smart, active, positive, and safe online habits. This app provides exclusive insights that help you foster a healthy offline as well as online balance for your kids and their devices. This platform securely monitors all the online websites and content that your kids watch over their cell phones or tabs if having its integration. This platform helps you set limits on the access of…

5. Net Nanny

Net Nanny Alternatives

Net Nanny is one of the best parental control to keep your kids and family safe from all the online stuff. Net Nanny Parental Control is an all-in-one app for your family if you want to protect yourself and your kids from online dangers. It contains instant reporting of internet searching, updates on apps used, and descriptions or educational insights from experts about trending or already installed apps. You can get instant alerts whenever your kids view pornography, weapons, suicide,…

6. Wefisy

Wefisy Alternatives

Wefisy is a sleek web filtering system through which users can effortlessly filter their web browsing in the best possible way and get the best of their daily media surfing. Wefisy intuitively blocks websites by selecting from more than 30 categories. Some of these categories include pornography, phishing, malware, social networking, and various others. You can intuitively define your own white or black list, set a schedule, block P2P apps, block message apps, and block apps and ports with ease…

7. Pluckeye

Pluckeye Alternatives

Pluckeye is a significant and powerful media-filtering browser for the internet through which users feel, become, and stay positive while online searching. Pluckeye is a fine self-control tool for limiting internet browsing whether it's bad or good. Some of its significant functions include the restriction of porn, social media, clickbait, news sites, and other overly enticing or real-life detrimental stuff right away. It’s a filter to aid self-control on the internet and explore everything without harming your health. excluding porn…

8. HomeGuard Activity Monitor

HomeGuard Activity Monitor Alternatives

HomeGuard Activity Monitor was a robust computer monitoring program through which you can manage and monitor online protection. Merely used for kids and children, HomeGuard Activity Monitor provides fine monitoring while letting you protect kids of almost all ages. As we all know that there are certain parts and sections of the internet that are harmful or unhealthy for kids both ethically and morally. Those parts of the computer are tracked and guarded by this platform while applying extreme functionalities.…

9. NxFilter

NxFilter Alternatives

NxFilter is an elegant free web filtering app that controls user activity and monitors online activities over the internet. Users can get stunning DNS filtering software that brings high performance and extreme efficiency. Whether you use it for commercial purposes, schools, business environment, family protection, hospitals, companies, family protection, and anything else, NxFilter fulfills all your needs. Its active directory integration, safe search enforcing, HTTP filtering, bandwidth control, application control, remote user filtering, in-built clustering, and various other functions make…

10. NextDNS

NextDNS Alternatives

NextDNS app intuitively encrypts all DNS queries on all networks and manages settings from your cell phones and tablets. NextDNS brings next-level protection from almost all kinds of security threats while blocking ads and trackers on applications as well as websites. This significant tool brings safe and supervised internet for kids on almost all networks and devices. Malware and phishing attacks and crypto-jacking can also be blocked by it so that you can keep yourself protected against viruses. While bringing…

11. Pi-hole

Pi-hole Alternatives

Pi-hole App contains an informative web interface that shows stats on all the domains being queried on the network that you are using. Pi-hole - Network-wide Ad Blocking is a signifying ad-blocking platform that helps its global users to block all the harmful and unhealthy advertisements on your online networks. You can run Pi-hole in a container or deploy it right to supported operating systems through its elegant automated installer. Its automated and intelligent installer asks you a few queries…

12. K9 Web Protection

K9 Web Protection Alternatives

K9 Web Protection is a perfect solution for people who want online security while surfing the internet and other online solutions. Online protection is a great thing for you if you are a parent and want to secure your kids from online harm. Users can use it to protect kids from accessing more harmful online content. You can use this utility to block malware and spyware on your machine and keep yourself updated with all the online threats. Being a…