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Mr. Dad site that will be exclusive parenting advice site is hailed by everyone. It’s just not a blog, something a lot more than that. Mr. Dad will allow readers ask the questions and then even get responses to all or any their inquiries about the parenting.

It’s run by Armin Brott who is called Superdad’s super dad and a leader in this parenting field from long back.

In case if you are searching for the tips about you need to potty train your youngster or maybe even if you wish to know about the best strollers on the market. As this really is one the best blog on the internet it offers you lots of information. Here you can find all the advice needed for fathers, expectant parents and even an excellent tips and the guidance to all or any the moms.

Best Parenting Sites Like Mr.Dad

Mr. Dad does provide you the reviews for all your products and the services which focus on the parents.

So there are a lot of similar sites like Mr.Dad, I’ve filtered the best free sites like Mr.Dad

Out With the Kids

This “Out With the Kids majorly centers around parenting humor and the photography, given from the helpful recipe box to ideas for a good fun to some truly great family photos that will be displayed online for the entire world to see. Here the writer Jeff Bogle writes about the photography of his 2 daughters and then he often posts about the “indie rock music world” that will be weighing in on the existing sales of the kid’s music in his postings and the podcast.


This can be a blog which appeals to the Modern Parent that will be the origin of all your news, reviews, opinions and the fatherhood in general. Provided with a lot more than 1400 articles, this blog can be quite a wonderful resource for just about any parent. It’s intended for the self-professed”geek parent type folks. This Bbitdad’s author who includes the seven contributors dubbed the founding fathers. This is often the best website to have the best tips, you can even follow the 8bitdad’s on Twitter and then check their podcast.

How to be a dad

“how to be a dad” is really a blog which adds up the humorous touch to a few of the “the only ways to take care of this really is to laugh about it facets of the parenthood. This really is an internet blog which mainly centers around the private experiences of the writers. Here you can possibly get few answers to some of the very most puzzling facets of the parenting. It’s well worth to own a look at this website.

Dad or Alive

Dad or Alive is run by Adrian. Here lots of new reviews are added each week and they cover a huge amount of unique topics making it well worth to visit this kind of parenting site.

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