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Mr.Dad is an Antenatal and early Parenthood platform established by Armin Brott for those users who are in the stages of becoming fathers. The Platform is for expectant fathers, first-year dads, single dads, military fathers, grandfathers, dads of toddlers, and preschoolers. Using this Platform, you can ask Mr. Dad for every kind of question about parenting and search your inquiry in the search box.

Mr. Dad contains a lot of books, articles, and readings to advise on every matter of how to become a dad and the best ever dad. Moreover, you can directly contact the author and ask your problem for suggestions.

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  • Free Advice
  • Massive Library of Books
  • Positive Parenting
  • Military Dads
  • Ask Mr. Dad

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HowToBeADad is Andy and Charlie's entertainment and parenting website that gives you funny and humourous content. HowToBeADad is a great site that provides you with original comic videos by authors and other people posted for you to enjoy your moments of becoming a dad. Furthermore, there is a Notebook with unlimited content on different dads' experiences, failures, and success in the relevant field. This parenting website's articles and message boards cover a wide range of pertinent subjects from leading comic…

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8BitDad is a Parenthood Platform by two friends,  Bryan Ferguson and Zach Rosenberg, who share their 90;s childhood experiences with the public. Using 8BitDad, users can get knowledge, advice, news, and reviews on every parent or dad's topic. There is a massive library of parental articles on every matter, and users can consult with the authors to become good fathers. This incredible Platform is easy to navigate and provides credible information and reliable content to children's development. Features Parenting Blog…

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Dad or Alive is another Parenting Site by a stay-at-home Dad, Adrian Kulp for dads who want to be excellent fathers without turning into stereotypes. Dad or Alive provides articles on every category, including food, recipes, ages and stages, education, sports, health & wellness, parenting, toys, games, TV, and many more. Dad or Alive offers tips, tricks, and friendly advice, and easy-to-understand stats for becoming a fabulous dad the first time. Features Parenting Blog Helpful Articles Various Books Travel &…

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Out With the Kids is another Parenting Advice and Lifestyle Website developed by Jeff Bogle that mainly focus on many stories, photos of the kids, travel histories, and other life scenarios. Out Eith The Kids – A Parenting, Photography, Travel & Lifestyle Blog that helps users to get readings for babies' childhood, and unique ideas about their daily parental routine. Furthermore, you can also get knowledge about cars, recipes, education, sports, health & wellness, holiday gift guide, toys, books, games,…



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