Top Apps like Viber Messenger – Communicate with World

With a busy life, it almost becomes impossible to meet everyone regularly, but the relations get stronger if we remain in touch with known persons. For this purpose, Android has developed many apps that facilitate people to be aware of their friends and relatives. Viber Messenger is one of those apps that gives a simple but fast securing text platform.

Viber is completely free, where you just need a Wi-Fi connection and go ahead. With the service, you can make free international calls, send text messages, and make a group chat with people, no matter who they are. The crystal-clear audio and also here to stay connected. It supports end-to-end encryption that means any type of information you share on Viber will always remain between you and the person you’re talking to. Don’t be hesitant as anyone; not even Viber can read your texts.

Why do people need alternatives to Viber Messenger?

As the era ism growing advance in which if we have to arrange a function, we just leave a text to the group. Everyone is living a busy life, and the people have no time to go outside for having gossip with friends at the same time when they have work. So, to keep the people must look for an open-source platform where they can at home or office can say connected with their beloved.


Every person is well-known about Mark Zuckerberg’s App called WhatsApp, which has ruled over worldwide. It is a simple and free-to-use app where you can text your contacts and share your views about the time going on. Moreover, you can create groups and keep all the family members or friends in that group for entertainment.

The service works on a cellular mobile number as you have to register yourself through an authentic phone number. The app does not cost any extra charges to send messages internationally, so download the app and chat with friends worldwide to avoid international charges.

WhatsApp can save your recently received messages if you get offline or turn off the phone so that you can read them for the next time. For best Alternatives to Whatsapp Visit Here


Skype is an almost a well-known platform worldwide that offers you to stay tuned with the fans freely. Either through text, audio, or video call, you can share your day with friends and family. Using Skype, you can reply to your phone’s SMS messages right from your computer and vice versa.  

Within a group, you can dedicate a message to someone special using @ mentions, or can plan a family reunion. On Skype, you can also call mobile and landlines at low rates.  During conversations, you can express the feeling about the received message by just clicking on the “+” option in chat, select an image from the web, and send it.

Share photos and videos with your family and friends, moreover, you can save shared photos and videos. Looking for Alternatives to Skype Click Here


For a private chat, you must experience the Signal app as its security and privacy are best of all. A free communication platform for everyone that helps you to stay connected with the world. End-to-end encryption of the app keeps your security and even the Signal itself, cannot see the conversation. It is a fast platform where the second person receives the messages in no time, no matter where he is over the world.

The amazing fact is that the app is fully nonprofit having no trackers, no ads, and millions of users. It just requires a phone number, and if unfortunately, you lost your phone, using the same phone number, you can access your account and backup the data.


One of the best alternatives to Viber Messenger is Telegram surely. It supports end-to-end encryption for the privacy of ta user. Available for all the major platforms, the service allows you to exchange photos, faces, messages, and any other files.

Telegram has a network of 400 million people worldwide where you can make new friends as well. Telegram’s media is cloud-based, and the user can access the data from any of Telegram’s user devices. You can share photos, videos, audio messages, and other files of up to 2.0 GB per file.

The app has more than 20,000 stickers with cloud-based and high-resolution for the users to expressive emojis. Well, somehow the user can send messages using client-to-client encryption called secret chats and these chats are encrypted with the MTProto Protocol.


LINE is a Japanese-supported communication app for smartphones, PCs, Laptops, and Macs. Using LINE, you can chat with up to 200 friends in a group simultaneously and enjoy face-to-face video chats with friends as well. Here, you can create a poll to avoid lengthy discussions.

It is free of cost for everyone where you can entertain yourself with video and audio chats. Easily you can share messages, photos, videos, stickers, and locations with friends. You can directly stay tuned with your favorite celebrities by following their official accounts.