Top 10 Apps Like Skype

Skype is an intuitive and compatible program that comes bundled with support for screen sharing, file transfers, audio and video calls, and conferences. This tool lets you manage your contacts and keep in touch with friends. Skype offers quick access to recent conversations, lists all your contacts in the main window, and search for contacts by name, email or Skype name. It is possible to set people together on one call or video call and call landlines and mobiles worldwide. Moreover, the user can edit sent messages directly in the conversation panel and drag and drop files directly into the conversation window. Skype is the best software in the list of software like WhatsApp Messenger.

  1. Telegram

Telegram is a powerful messaging platform which offers users to exchange files and messages in a secure manner with their friend’s list. There is an intuitive and simple user interface that shows the conversations with each. If you need to create your account, enter a valid mobile phone number and your name, which is important for creating a security code. It is possible to broadcast messages to a maximum of 100 people and create groups comprising up to 200 contacts. This application comes with core features such as photo sending, music files or pictures, documents, and desktop notifications for incoming messages.

  1. Whatsapp Messenger


WhatsApp Messenger is a famous and reliable android application that offers to keep in touch with your phone contacts by sending texts, pictures, and video or audio recordings. This lightweight program comes with a stylish and minimalistic user interface. You can send your selected files from your PC and snapped pictures with the webcam. There is a new group option from the context menu to creating group chats, setting a group subject, and selecting a group icon by uploading or taking a picture. After that, the user can add participants by clicking the tick symbol or selecting them. It is possible to remove the conversation quickly by archiving it or deleting it entirely. WhatsApp Messenger comes with an intuitive messaging platform with the bundled handy features and highly accessible.

If you’re searching top best alternatives to Skype, there are compatible software, check out.

  1. Viber

Viber is an approachable and extensive mobile application which can conveniently send SMS messages and place phone calls for free. This cross-platform utility is wrapped with a comfortable interface and can be installed on both PC and mobile devices. The users can exchange locations and emotions in addition to text, video messages, and photo. Viber supports message notifications and there is the possibility to set the tool to show alerts for calls and messages. Additionally, it comes with a good response time without any crash or error problems and Viber proves awesome application in the list of software like WhatsApp Messenger.

  1. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is a reliable famous platform that offers users distraction-free chat environment with their loved ones directly from PC’s desktop. There is no need of installation, you can swiftly launch it through designated executable files and it integrates itself properly with Windows 10. This application allows you to send stickers or emoji, get full access to all the chat functions, send files, record voice messages, and make audio and video calls. It is possible to get mobile notifications in this online app so you never miss a message. Facebook Messenger is a top best alternative of WhatsApp Messenger.

  1. Trillian

Trillian is an instant and efficient messaging app that enables users to connect with a large variety of social network accounts for different IM services. It is possible to open a new window and deliver a quick message to a friend. You can sort your friends in the list by conversation history size, alphabetically, etc. The program provides several actions during a conversation such as a flag text as important, insert a screen capture, and alter font to code style. There are few emoticons like smiley faces, symbols, and objects; also the chat history can be synced between smart phone and your PC.

  1. Wire

Wire is a simple and lightweight messaging application which is specially designed to perform voice calls in a quick, secure, and convenient manner. There is a smooth layout and simple user interface to stay connected to your friends with messaging functions. You can get benefit from voice calling functions and easily achieve calling a contact. To save an entire conversation or a message, the user can use Archive functions of this application. This program comes with highly intuitive functions to invite multiple people to a conversation.

  1. IMO

IMO is a user-friendly and streamlined messaging application that enables users to chat with their loved ones by using Android or iOS devices, and PC. It is possible to make voice and video calls with this efficient service. This program is easy to install and offers you distraction-free and intuitive environment for communicating with other Imo users. The users have a search field on the upper-left side of the main window and meet by the app’s simple user interface. Moreover, you can send videos and images and use stickers to express your feelings easily. IMO is a reliable and top best alternative of WhatsApp Messenger.

  1. LINE

LINE is an intuitive and famous messaging platform which offers you to create an account quickly and connect from different mobile devices and your PC to keep in touch with friends. There are rich set of stickers and emoticons, file transfers, group messaging, voice calls, and more. LINE allows their users to begin quick instant messaging sessions in a user-friendly environment and see each message in a green bubble. A group of friends or a single member can carry the chats and you are notified with a sound or a popup when receiving a new message. It is possible to hide friends and block users for complete privacy protection.

  1. Yahoo! Messenger

Yahoo! Messenger is the most popular instant messaging app that is designed to keep in touch with your friends and family by sending texts and sharing favorite pictures. This program assists users to chat with online friends in an efficient and quick manner. There is a simple configuration menu which can be simply accessed through the file menu. Here the users can set the tool to disable or enable its notifications and run at system startup. It is possible to add GIFs or emoticons to your conversation by clicking the button. You can also chat with multiple friends by creating group chats at the same time. A handy Yahoo! Messenger application is efficient software in the list of software like WhatsApp Messenger.

  1. Nimbuzz

Nimbuzz is a comprehensive and practical application which promises you connect to various social networks and stay in touch with business contacts or friends. It is possible to create an account with your number and connect simply with a mobile device. The users can personalize their account with a profile picture from general info, like contact details, name, and gender. There are various stickers or emoticons to make conversation better. This platform lets you share images simply with your friends and sent different files between users for business environments. Nimbuzz is a top best alternative in the list of WhatsApp Messenger.

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