Top 5 Apps Like Qriket

Qriket can be an Android and iOS app that enables you to earn money just by spinning a Qriket Wheel. In reality, there are certainly a large number of apps like Qriket due to how popular it is. You are able to cash out your rewards either through PayPal or the Qriket Mastercard options. An exciting thing about Qriket is that you can make the spins on the Wheel by taking watching videos, surveys and attractive with publicists and business in the local area.

5 Great Apps Like Qriket


GigWalk is an application like Qriket and one of the finest apps to download if you’re looking to create extra money. This app is available for both iOS and Android for free. With this app, you just have to complete various jobs locally, with jobs typically paying $5 or more. This really is an application that’s very user-friendly, which makes it much like Qriket with regards to layout, style, and design. The only difference here’s that you choose a job that’s from around your area and then you definitely complete the job.

Field Agent

One of the most similar apps to Qriket is Field Agent. This app is available for Android and iOS for free. With this app, you can make various jobs locally after creating your free account. What Field Agent does is try to find jobs locally as possible venture out and complete. You’ve as much as 2 hours to complete these jobs or else it should go back to someone else to complete. Lots of the offers on Field Agent are likely to stores and having a picture of a certain product or item.


JunoWallet is also an application that’s like Qricket. This app is available for both iOS and Android and it enables you to earn real rewards for completing offers. You are able to download apps to earn JunoWallet rewards, in addition, to watch videos, complete surveys and more to earn the rewards. When you have enough money into your JunoWallet account, you will have the ability to quickly cash out, which also is another reason this app is like Qricket. You will like the user-friendly interface and the numerous offers available.

Surveys on the Go

Surveys on the Go are available on iOS and Android and is similar to Qricket. This app functions by letting you take surveys which are sponsored by various companies, manufacturers, and brands. You will earn cash and not points on Surveys on the Go, and then you can certainly redeem the cash for sure money. The surveys are quick and easy just like on Qricket, so if you’re looking for a similar app to earn extra cash this is a great alternative. The only downside to this app is that the surveys only are several times monthly, so it could get you a little longer to earn enough cash to redeem.


If you’re looking for an application like Qricket then you definitely should have a look at UpCash. UpCash is a great app to utilize because you can generate rewards and even PayPal cash just by taking surveys and watching videos. You also will have the ability to test out games to be able to earn your money. The most effective part relating to this app is that UpCash enables you to earn additional money in the event that you refer other people. You have a referral code and if friends and family and family register using your code, then you definitely can get paid slightly for that sign-up. UpCash is similar to Qricket due to how simple it’s to begin earning extra cash, including doing the tiny surveys. This app is available for both iOS and Android as well, just like Qricket.

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