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The Takeover is fighting, action-adventure, and side-scroll perspective video game developed by Antonios Pelekanos. Throughout this game, the player has to control a hero who has to fight against the enemies. This game provides the player with various characters from which he can choose his desired character for playing.

The game allows the player to kill enemies using punches or kicks. It is an open-world game so that the player can explore the game world from a side-scroll perspective. Before starting the game, the player has to select the level’s difficulty mode, such as Easy, Normal, or Hard. Furthermore, the game supports single-player mode, multiplayer mode, and co-op mode for the players.

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  • Various characters
  • Different levels
  • Open world game
  • Select difficulty mode
  • Supports single-player and multiplayer mode
  • Supports co-op mode
  • Outstanding music
  • Visual style gameplay

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Final Vendetta is a paid action-adventure and arcade video game developed by Bitmap Bureau. This game is played in dangerous environments where players have to fight against bad guys. The story of the game is that Syndic8 named game has kidnapped the younger sister of Claire Sparks. Claire Sparks teams up with her two friends, Duke Sancho and Miller T. Williams, throughout the game. In this game, the player has to play the role of Claire Sparks and bring her…

Buccaneers: Shipshape is a free action-adventure, arcade, and beat ‘em up video game developed by Merso Entertainment. In this game, the player has to play the role of one of four pirates. This game is set on a dangerous island where the player has to face the waves of enemy hordes. The player can perform various moves throughout this game, including grabs and dashes. The game provides the players with various weapons such as whips and pistols for fighting against…

Bushiden is a free action-adventure, anime, and indie video game developed by Pixel Arc Studios. The story of the game is that the player’s sister has vanished. In this game, the player has to fight against the diabolic Gaoh and his army. This game has seven levels that the player must complete with success by defeating enemies. It is an open-world game, so the player can freely explore the game world. Furthermore, this game enables the player to unlock combat…


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