9 Sun Clock Alternatives

The sun clock(sundial) is a horological device that tells the Time of day (in modern usage called social Time) when there is sunlight in the position of the Sun in the sky. In the subtle sense of the word, it consists of a flat plate (dial) and a gnomon, which places the shadow on the dial. The Sun appears to move in the sky, and the shadow corresponds to the various lines of the clock, marked on a diary to indicate the Time of day.

Style is a term that describes the Time of gnomon, although a single point or nodus can be used. Gnomon makes a wide shadow; the style shade indicates Time. Gnomon can be a stick, a wire, or a well-decorated metal frame. The style should be aligned with the earth’s orbit so that the sundial is accurate throughout the year. The style angle from the horizontal is equal to the latitude of the sundial area.


  • Gnomon
  • Dialer
  • Time teller

Similar to Sun Clock


1. iTime.io

iTime.io is a converter where you can convert any region's time to another along with dates time and relate it with local time. This converter is a straightforward and quick-to-use platform perfect for everyone who needs to work across time zones worldwide. It is considered a world clock web app that helps you save time, schedule events, and share them accordingly with your friends and family. This software is a free-to-use web-based program with all the information related to time…

2. Wims World Clock

Wims WorldClock shows you the Time in different places around the World. Also included are Swatch Internet Time, Julian Date, and StarDate. You can also use it to synchronize Time with an atomic clock. This gives you the most accurate Time of any time zone. It is the most precise Time of all other clocks. Fast change of time/meeting organizer/world clock with 7 million locations timely location timeline, automatically adjusted when the time zone rules are changed. A beautiful calendar…

3. Time. is

Time. is giving you the most accurate Time of any time zone. It is the most precise Time of all other clocks. Fast change of time/meeting organizer/world clock with 7 million locations timely location timeline, automatically adjusted when the time zone rules are changed. A beautiful calendar with a relaxing number, Word clock, Alarm clock, Dark / light mode, Multiple Time and date formats (seconds on / off, 12/24 hour mode). This app syncs with Time. The website is a…

4. FoxClocks

FoxClocks is an extension, and it is used to keep an eye on time around the world. Using this tracking time platform, you can track time by putting clocks on your device status bar and finding local time anytime you want. It provides you with different formats to choose from that are in-built in this software, and most importantly, you can create your customized time formats that are very easy to generate and flexible in use. You can browse all…

5. 24TimeZones

24 Time Zones lets you see the time difference between cities, get to know the time all over the world, and search stuff according to your desires. Get to know what time it is around the world with this effective world time clock. You can get a free online clock for your website or blog, announce meeting times across different time zones, and get an effective time converter. The time converter of this site contains an efficient way to compare…

6. Timee.io

Timee.io is based on the world clock, which is developed for users to help them with multiple time zones. If anyone is planning a meeting, then this scheduler should be used so he can make sure the times are fit for everyone and no one has to be ready so early for attending it. Timee.io can also help with creating an event or a stream, as just by using the event creator, users can create any type of event along…

7. TimeandDate.com

TimeandDate.com comes with a free clock for multiple sites or blogs. Users can place several clocks on an individual page, as this platform can supply the HTML code for free. TimeandDate.com can also access users with the exact hour and minute along with the time zones for hundreds of cities around the globe. The platform lets anyone arrange meeting plans with their friends or relatives on another land instantly. In addition to that, by finding the exact time, users can…

8. Sharp World Clock

Sharp World Clock is the most advanced World Clock software available, which displays analog or digital clocks on your desktop and precise Time in any City in the World. Includes Meeting Planner, Time Converter, Month Calendar Widget, Alarm Clocks, Weather, News Reader, and more. There are more time zones than you may know, from -12 to +12 hours from UTC and most of them follow complex daytime saving rules. Without a dedicated global clock system, these rules should be considered…

9. World Time Buddy

World Time Buddy is a free productivity app and meeting scheduler developed by Helloka, LLC. Using this app, you can schedule events and meetings with millions of people across the world. The interface of this app is easy to use so people from all around the world can easily use it. With this app, you can get knowledge about the time standards of different countries. This app enables you to plan conference calls, web meetings, webinars, and international phone calls.…

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