10 Steam Alternatives

Steam is a free digital distribution and video streaming platform developed by Valve Corporation. It is designed only for teenagers, and they can use it for downloading games and other software. This platform offers social networking services, video streaming, and multiplayer gaming. It has many excellent classic games in its library like Psychonauts and Half-Life.

Furthermore, this ultimate platform enables users to create, play, connect, and more. Steam provides its users with programming interfaces (known as Steamworks) and free applications. Video game developers use Steamworks to integrate many steam functions into products, such as networking and matchmaking.

Steam has enough material, but it is regularly updated with the new software, videos, and games. This platform is handy for those who want to play games with their friends and other players worldwide. Using this unique platform, you can preorder upcoming releases and buy new releases.


  • Support many platforms
  • ┬áSend gifts and trade items
  • Unlock achievements
  • Game Library
  • Steam Achievements
  • Live Streaming
  • Steam Cards
  • Software Library

Steam Alternatives


1. Green Man Gaming

Green Man Gaming is a marketplace and video game distributor with the greatest PC games. This is an eCommerce store that provides people with millions of popular games. The homepage of this platform displays a mixture of multiple new, upcoming, and bestselling games. It enables users to find and get their favorite games from its library. People usually do not ignore this platform because it offers discounts and runs sales. Sometimes, it provides you with a code to get 10…

2. Playnite

Playnite is an open source video game library manager and launcher developed by Josef Nemec. It enables users to easily launch and install all kinds of games. Using it, you can organize the titles of your games and automatically update your library. Furthermore, this platform provides support to almost all the basic gaming stores, including Origin, Steam, and GOG. All the games in this platform are further divided into various categories. It has a rich customization system with lots of…

3. Lutris

Lutris is a free and open source gaming platform for Linux developed by Mathieu Comandon Community. This platform is designed by software developers and professional team of gamers. It makes gaming easier on Linux by installing, managing, and providing optimum settings for games. To install games using Lutris, firstly you have to confirm that Wine and Steam runner are installed or not. Furthermore, this platform provides support to almost all primary gaming stores, including Uplay, Steam, and Battle.net. Using this…

4. Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle is a digital distribution platform founded by Jeff Rosen and John Graham. With the help of this platform, people can sell software, e-books, video games, and other digital content. The mission of this platform is to support the charity by selling content to buyers at great prices. It has a massive group of developers that support multi-platforms, including OS X, Microsoft Windows, and Linux. This platform has been started for providing games, but after progress, it started offering…

5. GOG

GOG (Good Old Games) is a digital distribution platform owned by CD Projekt. People from anywhere around the world can easily access this entertainment platform. This site offers many common PC games which are arranged to run on modern PCs. Furthermore, it is capable of connecting its users with other game stores. This platform has a wide range of new and old video games. These video games are available in many categories such as Adventures, Shooter, Exploration, Side-Scrolling, Fighting, and…

6. Epic Games Store

Epic Games Store is a content delivery and digital video game distributor developed by Epic Games. This marketplace is available within the Epic Games Launcher or through the web browser. With the help of this gaming store, users can create more and better games. Furthermore, it contains many best games which are further divided into several other categories. All categories have their own titles and users can explore, download, and buy them without any limit. It attracts users to buy…

7. Microsoft Store

Microsoft Store previously known as Window Store is a digital distribution platform. It is the fastest and easiest way of getting entertainment and games for Microsoft Windows. This platform has combined its other distribution platforms such as Window Phone Store, Xbox Music, and Xbox Video. Like many other digital distribution platforms, it also provides people with a wide range of paid and free applications. Furthermore, it has a large amount of content and these contents are further divided into multiple…

8. Itch.io

Itch.io is a video game and e-book distributor owned by Leaf Corcoran. With the help of this website, users can host, download, and sell indie games. This website is mainly designed to provide you with all those games which you have not found anywhere else. It has strong browsing tools which allow you to search games by categories such as price and platform. Using it, users can easily install games and launch them in their collection. Furthermore, people can browse…

9. Fanatical

Fanatical is a video game store and digital distributor developed by Fandom, Inc. It provides users with an opportunity of buying a wide number of video games at a reasonable price. Using it, people can get all the random and trending games of various categories like puzzles, racing, fighting, and more. This platform facilitates people by offering different exclusive and reliable deals. Furthermore, it gives various bonuses, discounts, coupons, play cards, and offers on games. Users of this platform are…

10. Origin Store

Origin is a digital distribution and social networking platform developed by Electronic Arts. With the help of this platform, people can easily find, purchase, and download multiple games. It has a large store like other similar platforms, which enables users to find and purchase games. After purchase, you can get your purchased software immediately attached with your origin account, instead of receiving a disc or CD. This store guarantees forever download availability after purchase so, you can download games without…